From the TV anime “Heaven Official’s Blessing”, the overview and scenes from Episode 9 “Youdou no Wazawai” (Scourge of Evil Taoist), broadcast on Sunday, August 29, have been released.

“Heaven Official’s Blessing” is a fantasy anime set in a fictitious ancient China based on a Chinese web novel. It was broadcast on China’s Bilibili from October 2020 and received over 300 million views in total. The detailed story unfolding in a beautiful and mysterious world and the attractive characters drew much attention, especially in Asia.

Episode 9 is titled “Youdou no Wazawai”.
San Lang falls into the Sinner’s Pit. Xie Lian also jumps in dragging along General Ke Mo. Meanwhile, a shadow that looked like the girl that was tied to a beam was attacking the Banyue soldiers one after another. Xie Lian was caught by San Lang, but the Banyue soldiers in the Sinner’s Pit were all killed by San Lang.

Ke Mo furiously attacks San Lang, but their strengths are at a different level and he is shrugged off with ease. Xie Lian proposes a truce to General Ke Mo in order to escape from the Sinner’s Pit, and asks him what happened between him and the Banyue Goushi. Ke Mo begins to talk about the life of the Banyue Gousi and his past of being betrayed.

The TV Anime “Heaven Official’s Blessing” Episode 9 “Youdou no Wazawai” was broadcast on TOKYO MX and BS 11 on Sunday, August 29, 2021.

■Broadcast/Streaming Information
*The length of the anime “Heaven Official’s Blessing” differs between the TV broadcast version and the original version.

Japanese dub version
TOKYO MX (broadcast version): 9:30 pm every Sunday from Sunday, July 4, 2021
BS11 (broadcast version): 10:30 pm every Sunday from Sunday, July 4, 2021
Japanese sub version
“Home Drama Channel”: 2:30 am every Saturday from July 3, 2021

Amazon Prime Video: 10:30 pm every Sunday from July 4
ABEMA (broadcast version): 9:30 pm every Sunday from July 4
ABEMA (original version): 12:00 pm every Wednesday from July 7
d Anime Store: 12:00 pm every Wednesday from July 7
*Also streamed on other streaming services.

■Main Staff
Original Author: Mo Xiang Tong Xiu
Director: Li Haoling
Story Editor/Scriptwriter: Chun Li Yōu Ling
General Director: Eom Yu Jeong
Character Design/General Animation Director: Yi Sanmi
Sub Character Desing: Kim Mijin, Park Minjon, Yu Minji, Hong Insu
Cinematographer: Takeyama Atsushi
3DCG Director: Gu Jing
Music: Yang Bin-in
Animation Production: Haoliners Animation
Japanese Version Production: Sony Music Solutions Inc., Aniplex Inc.
Japanese Version Opening & Ending Theme:
Opening Theme: SID “Jiu no Kuchizuke” (Ki/oon Music)
Ending Theme: Amamiya Sora “Freesia” (MusicRay’n)

■Main Cast
Xie Lian: Kamiya Hiroshi
San Lang: Fukuyama Jun
Ling Wen: Hikasa Youko
Nan Feng: Furkawa Makoto
Fu Yao: Kobayashi Chiaki
Pei Ming: Suwabe Junichi
Pei Su: Masuda Toshiki
Ban Yue: Hanazawa Kana

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