“Animelo Summer Live 2021 -COLORS-” (hereafter known as Animelo Summer Live) is scheduled to be held on August 28 – 29, 2021. It was announced that the performance will have an exclusive TV broadcast this winter.

Animelo Summer Live is the world largest anime song live event that started in 2005 and it will be held for the 16th times this year.
After inheriting the theme “COLORS” from the 2020 performance that got delayed, the Anisama that will be held this year will feature a total of 50 performers.
It features the popular voice actors and singers, such as The Idolm@ster 765 Pro Allstar, Takahashi Yoko, Oishi Masayoshi, Starlight Kukugumi, and Amamiya Sora.
Do check out this special live performance, such as powerful performance and gorgeous collaboration, on TV.