The 1st “My Hero Academia” movie called “My Hero Academia THE MOVIE: Two Heroes” was broadcast during “Friday Roadshow” (Japan TV) on August 6, 2021 full length uncut.

The original work of “My Hero Academia” is the hero action comic by Horikoshi Kouhei, which is currently serialized in “Weekly Shonen Jump” from 2014 and marked an overall sale of over 50 million copies around the world.
The 5th season of the TV anime is currently ongoing, and “My Hero Academia THE MOVIE: World Heroes Mission” was released on August 6.

The 1st movie, “My Hero Academia THE MOVIE: Two Heroes”, was first released on 2018 with a completely new story plot produced by the original author. It depicts “the eventless summer vacation” of the protagonist Deku and his classmates that cannot be read in the original manga.

“My Hero Academia THE MOVIE: Two Heroes” was broadcast from 9:00 to 10:54 PM of August 6 on Japan TV “Friday Roadshow”.

Comments from Yamashita Daiki (Deku) and Mitake Kenta (All Might) have arrived!

Yamashita Daiki Comment

The 1st BNHA movie has come to Friday Roadshow!
In addition to the dynamic visuals and music that only a movie version can provide, I think you’ll also feel the fun of a festival packed with the charm of BNHA!
It is difficult to go on a vacation these days, but please enjoy your vacation at I Island together with the characters!
Let’s go beyond this summer with BNHA! Plus Ultra!!!

Mitake Kenta Comment
“My Hero Academia THE MOVIE: Two Heroes” has come to Friday Roadshow! I am Mitake Kenta, and I am playing All Might. Since this was the first movie of the series, I remember being full of excitement when we did the recording.
And this time, “My Hero Academia THE MOVIE: World Heroes Mission” will be released, and I am hot and excited to welcome a BNHA summer! Let’s share our excitement together! Let’s go beyond! Plus Ultra!!!

Reviewing the plot!

【Deku and All Might Episode】
Deku, who has no personality but dreams of becoming a hero in the future, one day meets the No. 1 hero, All Might. After seeing the quality in Deku, who tries to rescue his friend Bakugo who has been captured by Villain, All Might decides to make Deku his successor. After harsh training, he passes on his skill, “One For All” to Deku. He continues to train and guide Deku even after the event as a teacher.
→The bond between Deku and All Might appears strong in this movie! Don’t miss the final scenes!

【Deku and Bakugou Episode】
Deku and Bakugou are childhood friends, but Bakugou feels rushed, after seeing Deku obtaining and becoming stronger with his new “quirk”, since he has made fun of Deku for not having any ability. On the term exam before the summer vacation, they fight with All Might as a team. Although they struggled to cooperate, with luckthey passed the exam .

【Bakugou and Todoroki Episode】
On the 2nd game of the final competition at the athletic day of Yuei High School, Deku and Todoroki compete. In response to Deku’s attitude and words that really inspired him, Todoroki’s rebellion against his father, Endeavor, led him to unleash the power of his father’s personality, the power of fire, which he had previously sealed away, and he defeated Deku.
However, in the final match between Bakugou, Todoroki sealed his power of fire again. Although Bakugo wins, he is furious with Todoroki for not giving it his all.
→There will be the cooperation of Bakugou and Todoroki in the movie!