Six additional movie-original characters appearing in “My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission” (in theaters from August 6, 2021) have been announced. The characters will be voiced by Ise Mariya, Enoki Junya, Umehara Yuuichirou, Sakata Shougo, Honna Youko, and Nojima Hirofumi.

“My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission” is the 3rd film adaptation following “My Hero Academia: Two Heroes” in summer 2018 and “My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising” in winter 2019.
The future of the heroes and the world lies in Deku and his friends’ hands, facing the biggest crisis in “My Hero Academia” history brought upon by Humarise, a mysterious group that wants to annihilate all “Quirk” holders, based on the idea that “Quirks” will lead to the end of humankind.

It has already been announced that Yoshizawa Ryou will be playing the movie-original character Rody Soul, Nakai Kazuya as the villain Flect Turn, and Hayashibara Megumi as Pino. And six more original characters and their voice cast have been revealed.

The mercenary villains from Humarise: Beros, will be played by Ise Mariya, Serpenters by Enoki Junya, Sidero by Umehara Yuuichirou, and Leviathan by Sakata Shougo. The professional hero of “Oseon”, Claire Voyance, by Honna Youko. And Allen Kay, the researcher of Humarise will be played by Nojima Hirofumi.

“My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission” will be in theaters from August 6.

Character Introduction
Beros / Voice: Ise Mariya

A mercenary villain of Humarise. Loyal to Flect.
Her “Quirk” lets her hands transform into a bow, and control anything that she shoots.

Serpenters / Voice: Enoki Junya

A twin villain of Humarise. They look the same and their “Quirk” that creates multiple bellow swords are also the same.

Sidero / Voice: Umehara Yuuichirou

A mercenary villain of Humarise.
Creates iron balls from his hand with his “Quirk” and fights by flicking them.

Leviathan / Voice: Sakata Shougo
A villain of Humarise.
Creates powerful twisting water currents with his “Quirk”. The power that comes from his huge body is overwhelming.

Claire Voyance / Voice: Honna Youko

A professional hero of “Oseon”. She works with Endeavor and others to investigate Humarise related cases. Her “Quirk”, “Voyance”, excels in searching enemies and investigation.

Allen Kay / Voice: Nojima Hirofumi

A researcher of Humarise.
Involved in the development of the “Ideo Trigger Bomb”.

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