The latest work of Disney Animation Studio, “Encanto”, depicting the achievement of the new heroine, Mirabel in the world filled with magic, will be released on November 26, 2021. The Japanese ver. teaser filled with the colorful and glittering magic and music that would make you jumped, has been released.

The Japanese ver. teaser started with the door and window of the mysterious house filled with magic at the inner part of Colombia in South America, moving as if it were dancing to the cheerful Latin rhythm that makes you want to dance.

Once you enter the house as if you were being guided by the light from the open door, you will be able to see the house being “filled with magic”, such as the self-moving shoes, the coffee pot pouring coffee on its own as if it was alive, and the staircase turning into a slide.

Furthermore, the children of the Madrigals family, who are living at the “magical house”, are given a unique gift (magic power) from the house. From the young girl, who possesses the strength to lift two pianos easily, to the young boy that is able to communicate with various animals, such as tigers and birds, the young boy, who is able to transform to the same appearance as the person in front of him, and the young girl, who can make the beautiful bloom instantly…

In that house, where the family members possess various gifts, there is only one child, who was not given a gift, and she is the main protagonist of this work, Mirabel.

Mirabel is enjoying her peaceful life with her family despite having no ability with the thoughts of “I’ve no gift, but I’m still a member of the special family”.
However, on a certain day, she found out that the magical house was exposed to danger, and she decided to stand up as the “only hope” to save her family.

Why is Mirabel the only one who doesn’t possess an ability in this beautiful world filled with the magic of the special gift? Also, what is the shocking secret of the “magical house”? This will surely hype up the expectation toward Disney new original musical work since the release of “Moana” 4 years ago.

The movie “Encanto” will be released on November 26, 2021.

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