It was decided that “Scientific Manga Survival”,the full-colored manga that contains the latest scientific technology, will become the animated movie with the title “Human Body Survival”.
It will be released together with “Ganbareiwa!! ROBOCON”, and it is scheduled to be released in the theaters nationwide, including MX4D, in Jul. 31, 2020.

“Scientific Manga Survival” is the scientific manga series that has been published over 9.5 million copies nationwide, and been published over 30 million copies around the world. It ranked in the top on “65th Favorite Book Chosen by Elementary School Students”.
The series has been supported by the elementary school student for interesting stories where the protagonist Jio overcomes the obstacles with his bravery and knowledge and for providing the readers with the different scientific knowledge each time, including “human body”, “natural disaster”, “artificial intelligence”, and “space”.

This movie “Human Body Survival!”, will be produced by Toei Animation, and the voice actors from the pilot movie, which had been released in Mar. 2019, continue to play the same roles.
Matsuda Satsumi plays the protagonist Jio, Han Megumi plays Bibi, Ishida Akira plays Kei, Iwasaki Hiroshi plays Doctor Know, and Touchi Hiroki narrates the story, and the casts are going to make the unique characters alive.

The movie “Human Body Survival “Human Body Surival!” will be released together with “Ganbareiwa!! ROBOCON”, and scheduled to be released on Jul. 31, 2020.

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【Washio Takashi, the producer from Toei Animation】
The popular “Scientific Manga Survival” series is finally becoming a movie!
We will deliver the best adventure spirit with the best animation! Both the adults who once loved the adventure and the children who are currently into it, let's “SURVIVAL!”.

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