A live-action movie from the ‘Mr. Osomatsu’ series was announced. ‘Mr. Osomatsu’ is an anime series based on the comedy manga by Fujio Akatsuka that started airing in October 2015. Snow Man stars in the movie.

‘Mr. Osomatsu’ centers on the sextuplets of the Matsuno Family who are lazy, NEETs, virgins, but somehow loveable. With the unpredictable storyline, the phenomenal anime series gained so much popularity that it was nominated for the 2016 Buzzwords Award. ‘Mr. Osomatsu’ so far has had three seasons, an anime movie in 2016, and a 2.5-dimensional stage play.

To commemorate its 6th anniversary, a new anime series in 2022, a limited anime movie in 2023, and this time, and the live-action movie was announced this time.

Snow Man, who stars in the movie, is a group known for its dance and acrobatics skills. Osomatsu will be played by Koji Mukai, Karamatsu by Hikaru Iwamoto, Choromatsu by Ren Meguro, Ichimatsu by Tatsuya Fukazawa, Jyushimatsu by Daisuke Sakuma, and Todomatsu by Raul. In addition, there will be three original characters: End played by Shota Watanabe, Close by Ryohei Abe, and Period by Ryota Miyadate.

The direction is by Tsutomu Hanabusa, a director known for anime live-action movies such as ‘Tokyo Revengers’, ‘Heroine Shikkaku’, and ‘Kakegurui The Movie’.
Along with the announcement, the producer and Iwamoto, the leader of Snow Man, made comments.
There is also a commemoration video on Snow Man’s official YouTube channel.

The release date of ‘Mr. Osomatsu The Movie’ is planned for Spring 2022. Let’s look forward to how the movie turns out with live-action effects.

■ Comments

Hikaru Iwamoto (Leader of Snow Man)

“What?! There will be a ‘Mr.Osomatsu’ live-action movie?” Since ‘Mr. Osomatsu’ is one of our favorite works, we were very happy to hear about the news but also thought “What do we do?” at the same time, haha.
We had a script reading the other day, and it might have been the funniest script reading I have ever experienced. It was my first time laughing to see other members playing although it wasn’t a scene I was in.

I am excited about everything and cannot wait for the filming to start. Since I will not be able to see the filming of the scenes I am not in, I am looking forward to seeing how different the movie turns out compared to the original script, especially the scenes I laughed at during the script reading.
I’m sure we will be able to make a funny and enjoyable movie for ‘Mr. Osomatsu’ fans, Snow Man fans, and even for people who do not know Snow Man.
We will enjoy the filming ourselves so that we can make an enjoyable movie!

Daiki Sugawara (Producer)

During the anime series, I looked forward to the new episode every week. I liked how the anime was fully dedicated to various kinds of “laughter”, centering on the relationship among the sextuplets. I also liked that it was an anime that allows you to empty your thoughts and just laugh in the middle of the night, haha. The main reason I decided to make this live-action movie was due to the situation with the COVID-19 pandemic. I wanted to make a movie that allows people to forget about their negative thoughts for a moment and just focus on laughing, and I thought this was the now-or-never chance. For Snow Man, I had the opportunity to watch their videos on YouTube and thought their heart-warming interactions and strong bond were just like “brothers”. On top of that, they have a great sense of humor, which convinced me that I would make a great movie with them. I hope to make a movie that is enjoyable and laughable for both ‘Mr.Osomatsu’ and ‘Snow Man’ fans, and also for people who hear about ‘Mr.Osomatsu’ for the first time with this announcement. Please look forward to the movie release!

(C)’Mr. Osomatsu The Movie’ Production Committee 2022
(C)Fujio Akatsuka / Mr.Osomatsu Production Committee