The TV anime “Mr. Osomatsu” will receive a live-action movie adaptation, starring Snow Man. The visual has been unveiled.

“Mr. Osomatsu” is an anime based on the greatest gag manga written by Akatsuka Fujio, “Osomatsu-kun”. Following the first anime adaptation in October 2015 to commemorate the 80th anniversary of Akatsuka Fujio’s birth, it has broadcast three seasons so far and has received a theatrical film and 2.5D stageplay adaptation as well. New theatrical films are set to premiere in 2022 and 2023.

This time, the visual for the film to be released in 2022 has been unveiled, featuring the 9 members of Snow Man as the leading actors. The members who play the siblings are dressed in the “Mr. Osomatsu”‘s familiar hoodies, and other members who play the roles of original characters, End, Close, and Period, are dressed in mysterious black wear, posing “Sheeh!”, which is the ultimate form of sarcasm, all together. The unveiled visual is filled with an unprecedentedly celebrative mood, featuring the 9 members in colorful costumes showing up against a background of the blue sky.
As the catch-phrase “We apologize for laughing too much!” shows, this striking visual gives us high hopes for the film to get the entire country swept into a vortex of laugh.
The teaser visual will be shown at theatres sequentially from November 19.

“Mr. Osomatsu: The Movie” will premiere at TOHO franchized theatres on March 25, 2022.

(C)”Mr. Osomatsu: The Movie” Production Committee 2022