Netflix anime movie “Monster Hunter: Legend of The Guild” based on the game “Monster Hunter” will be available worldwide exclusively on Netflix, on August 12, 2021. The trailer and key art have been released together.

“Monster Hunter” series is a worldwide popular series that started on the PlayStation 2’s game “Monster Hunter” that was released by Capcom in 2004. This hunting action game series has recorded sales of 72 million copies.

This title has caused a storm due to its new way of building communication between players, which is by hunting the monsters in the beautiful Mother Nature.

Netflix’s exclusive “Monster Hunter: Legend of The Guild” takes place in a world where there is a balance between people, mother nature, and the large monster and it succeeded the world setting of the game. On a certain day, the young man Aiden, who is a “self-proclaimed hunter” that is protecting his village, found out that his village is facing the threat of the mystery monster “Elder Dragon”.

In order to protect his village, Aiden sets off on the unknown journey far from his village, together with the famous hunter from the guild, Julius and the other companions. This movie will feature an original story focusing on the “character in the Monster Hunter’s world” that was not revealed before.

The main protagonist of this movie, Aiden is the same person as the “Head Rookie” of “Monster Hunter 4” and “Optimistic Recommended Group” from “Monster Hunter World”. Do check out his story before he becomes a popular hunter.

The trailer is filled with the dynamic scenes of Aiden and the other moving in all directions after encountering huge monsters wherever they went. It got more exciting when the balance of the world crumble starting from the threats from mother nature, including the land being burning and a large number of meteorites. Even the scenes when Aiden asked Julius to teach him hunting techniques can also be seen. Will Aiden managed to become a true hunter from this journey? Do check out the movie to find out about it!

The key art depicts a monster with a flame that is able to burn everything and the hunters with a strong gaze in front of it. This will surely hype you up toward this adventure world.

Netflix anime movie “Monster Hunter: Legend of The Guild” will be available worldwide exclusively on Netflix, on August 12, 2021.