The trailer for the first 3DCG film animation of “The Prince of Tennis”, “Ryoma! Rebirth Movie The Prince of Tennis” (in theaters from September 3), has been released.

The film “Ryoma! Rebirth Movie The Prince of Tennis” is the first 3DCG animation of “The Prince of Tennis” series. Konomi Takeshi, the original author, is the executive producer of the film that depicts the “blank three months” between “The Prince of Tennis” and “The New Prince of Tennis”, which has never been depicted before.

The trailer for the film has now been released. In the trailer, you can see the Seigaku members on the court performing an impressive dance with the theme song “Sekai wo Teki ni Mawashitemo” in the background. It embodies the film’s catchphrase, “A New Dimension Adventure of Sing x Dance x Play!”

In addition, a completion announcement prerelease has been announced. Konomi Takeshi (Author/Executive Producer), Minagawa Junko (as Echizen Ryoma), and Koujina Hiroshi (Director) will appear on stage, and it will be held in Tokyo on August 21.

“Ryoma! Rebirth Movie The Prince of Tennis” will be in nationwide theaters from September 3, 2021.

(C) Konomi Takeshi / Shueisha (C) Rebirth Movie The Prince of Tennis Production Committee