From the movie “Tokyo Revengers”, a purikura picture of the “Mizochu 5”, including the main character Takemichi played by Kitamura Takumi and his best friend Akkun played by Isomura Hayato, has been released.

In the film, there are a number of delinquent gangs such as “Tokyo Manji Gang (Toman)” led by Mikey played by Yoshizawa Ryou, and “Moebius” led by Kisaki played by Mamiya Shotaro and Hanma played by Shimizu Hiroya. However, the main character Takemichi and his best friend Akkun do not belong to either of these two gangs, but instead call themselves the “Mizochu 5” with Yamamoto Takuya, Suzuki Makoto, and Yamagishi Kazushi.

The “Mizochu 5” are not strong in fights, but they are always fooling around together, and among them, Takemichi and Akkun are depicted as enjoying their fresh youth, riding two-seater bikes.
The photos released this time are the purikura photos of the “Mizochu 5” that appear in the movie. We can’t take our eyes off not only “Toman” and “Moebius”, but also their activities, as the gap between their spirited images and the battered state of the previews is quite endearing.

“Tokyo Revengers” brings tears to your eyes with the passionate and emotive relationships between the various characters, including Takemichi and the “Mizochu 5”. I hope you will visit the theater with your friends as part of remembering your youth.

The film “Tokyo Revengers” is now in theaters nationwide.

(C) Wakui Ken / Kodansha (C) 2020 “Tokyo Revengers” Film Partners