The visual of the dangerous “evil charisma” “Black Hair Mikey” (by Yoshizawa Ryou) from the film “Tokyo Revengers” (Released on July 9), which is the adaptation of the popular manga published in “Weekly Shounen Magazine”, has been released.

“Tokyo Revengers” is based on the manga by Wakui Ken that started serialized on “Weekly Shounen Magazine” in 2017. The anime adaptation has started in April 2021.
The live-action film features a lineup of trending actors, including Kitamura Takumi, Yamada Yuuki, Sugino Yosuke, Imada Mio, Suzuki Nobuyuki, Maeda Gordon, Shimizu Hiroya, Isomura Hayato, Mamiya Shotaro, and Yoshizawa Ryouta.

The main protagonist, Takemichi swore to take revenge on life after the death of his only girlfriend, Hinata. The cause of her death is related to the large organization “Tokyo Manji Gang” (known as Toman), and the root of all evil is the leader Mikey.
In order to rescue Hinata, Takemichi decided to travel back to the past to erase the existence of Toman, but the past Toman is a group of delinquents that care about each other passionately. Is Toman really the root of all evil? Is Mikey really a villain…?

The visual of the “Black Hair Mikey”, who is the evil charisma and the leader of Toman, has been revealed.
The Draken’s trademark “dragon tattoo” on his head, the unpredictable expression that shows off his cruelty with no sight of the past bright smile can be felt from this visual.

The modern Toman is a large evil organization that the police don’t want to be involved in and even the yakuza are afraid of it. Kisaki and Mikey are being marked by police as the important figures of Toman. What exactly happened to Mikey? The answer lies in the past, the main protagonist, Takemichi (act by Kitamura Takura) will go back to the past to save his only girlfriend Hinata as well as his comrades.

The film “Tokyo Revengers” is currently available at nationwide theatres.

(C) Wakui Ken/ Kodansha (C) 2020 Film “Tokyo Revengers” Production Committee