The Netflix original anime series “Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness”, which is the first CG drama in the “Resident Evil” series, will be distributed exclusively on Netflix worldwide from July 8, 2017.
The first part of the film, which depicts a fierce battlefield scene, and new scene photos of the war zone “Penamstan” have been released.

The beginning of the film takes place six years previous (2000) in the city of Penamstan during the civil war, where bullets are flying around.
A U.S. Army “Special Forces” helicopter crashes, and the U.S. Army “Mad Dogs” led by Jason take the lead to rescue the survivors left on the battlefield, defying the command center’s order to standby.

In the newly released video, we can see the brave figure of Jason, who was the captain of the “Mad Dogs” at the time and is now working with Leon as an agent of the United States (2006), as well as the members of the “Mad Dogs” who are engaged in a fierce battle with the Penamstan militia.
You can also see the familiar (?) helicopter crash scene from the “Resident Evil” series. It’s a movie worth watching, and you won’t be able to take your eyes off it for even a second.

The newly unveiled scene photos show the Mad Dogs’ grim expressions just before they descend into the combat zone, and the fierce battle with the Penamstan militia, capturing the tension of the scene.
What does the picture in the photo frame that seems to be the “Mad Dogs Squad” illuminated in the darkness mean? And what is the huge conspiracy connected to the past in Penamstan? As mystery after mystery unfolds, a fierce ending awaits us when we arrive at the hidden truth.

The Netflix original animated series “Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness” will be available worldwide exclusively on Netflix from July 8, 2021.