It was announced that the sequel of the film “The Boss Baby”, called “The Boss Baby: Family Business” will be released in winter 2021 and the cut-scenes have been released.

“The Boss Baby: Family Business” takes place in the world after 30 years of the previous series “The Boss Baby”.

In the cut-scenes, the decisive scenes of Tim’s second daughter Tina revealing herself as “Boss Lady” from Baby Corp. to the adult “Boss Baby” also known as Ted that has become an actual elite CEO, and his older brother Tim, who is a house-husband with two daughters.

Boss Lady had informed the siblings, who still quarrel despite being an adult, while sucking on her pacifier that they had to save the world from the evil genius professor, who is plotting to brainwash all the babies for his world domination. In order to stop him, Boss Baby and Tim had to drink the super milk “Baby Rejuvenation” for their infiltration mission.

With that, the Boss Baby with the appearance of a baby and the personality of an old man has returned and together with Tim, the odd pair had returned with a power-up.

There are also scenes that are filled with the cute yet endless appeal of “Boss Baby”, including the Boss Baby buying their enemies by waving the roll of banknotes with the expression that outshone adults, the secret tactic meeting with the three of them and Boss Lady, the scene where the baby sticks their squishy cheek on each other while spreading the fireworks.

With the return of the appearance of a cute baby with a personality of an old man, this latest work that is filled with more humor and emotional scenes will surely increase your anticipation.

The film “The Boss Baby: Family Business” will be released in winter 2021.

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