“My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! X” (hereafter, known as HameFura X) is one of the anticipated anime of July. This time, Anime! Anime! had interviewed Uchida Maaya (the voice of the main protagonist Katarina Claes) and Okasaki Miho (the voice of the young woman who loves Katarina).
This article will present the interview with Okasaki Miho (voice of Mary).
Mary is deep in love with the main protagonist, Katarina until she wants to hog her to herself. As it seems that the “expression of love” of Mary is more than season 1, we had asked Okasaki-san on the voicing situation of the heart throbbing scenes that would make you smile unexpectedly. We had also asked about her impression of Uchida-san and the type of story that she would want to create if Mary is the main protagonist of it.

The pointer of season 2 is “Love”!
— The broadcast of the season 2 of “HameFura” has finally started. Could you please introduce again the charms of the character, Mary Hunt?

Okasaki: The charm of Mary is her “honesty”. She is quite cool and I respect her a lot as she is able to tell others her thoughts honestly.

— What’s the situation during the recording of season 2? Is there any situations of the studio or behavior of yourself or the other performers that left a deep impression in you?

Okasaki: There are more “expression of love” scenes of Mary toward Katarina in season 2, so I have received a lot of this direction from the audio director, which is “Please show more of your performance” (haha)! Due to the current situation where the recording can only be done with a small group of people, it allows me to talk more than usual to my seniors, who are voicing the characters that Mary interact a lot, such as Maaya-san and Suzuki-san. So, I am quite happy on this.

–Please tell us the highlights of season 2. Or is there any situation that you are looking forward to?

Okasaki: The highlight of season 2 is “Love”. As there are more heart throbbing scenes when compare to season 1, it makes me to smile unexpected sometime during the recording. Those scenes would make you have the thoughts of “Even the dull Katarina would notice this right…?”, so I hope that all of you would be able to enjoy the developments of “HameFura X” together with the “love”!

— What did you focus more when voicing Mary in season 2 compare to season 1?

Okasaki: I think that the appeal to Katarina had further expedited from season 1(haha). I will do my best in it!

If there is a story featuring Mary as the main protagonist, then…

— What is the episodes or lines of your character that had left a deep impression in you from season 1? Could you also tell us the reason for it?

Okasaki: I actually have a lot, but… if I have to choose, it would be the encounter scene with Katarina-sama in episode 2. It has been sometime since we last saw the child Mary, but I believe it is due to her pessimistic personality that allows her to encounter Katarina-sama as well as to have to have a better growth, so I think this is quite a lovely moment.

Okasaki: This is a turning point for her, so I had put a lot of efforts in this scene.

— For season 1, the short voice drama that depicts the character perspective has been released, but if there is a story featuring Mary as the main protagonist, what type of story would you like to see?

Okasaki: I want to see it filled with the cuteness of Mary! She normally wears the orange dress, but I would like to see her in a pink or white cute dress. I want a romantic story of the two, where of course Katarina will be playing the prince role in the male clothing. I hope that Katarina would be fine… (haha).

— As we had interviewed Uchida Maaya-san for this project as well, could you tell us your thoughts on Uchida-san? Please tell us if you have any memorable episodes.

Okasaki: Maaya-san always talks to me while smiling, so she is a cute and kind senior to me! During the recording, she is known as the “Maaya-san Time” as you will fall for her coolness, so I adored her as a voice actor and a female!

–As a conclusion, could you provide a message to everyone?

Okasaki: “HameFura X” has finally started! I am also quite excited toward the broadcast of season 2 as I have put in a lot of efforts when voicing Mary. So, let’s enjoy this summer together with Katarina-sama, who devoted herself to the life of the otome game! Please support both Mary and “HameFura X”!