The broadcast date for “Taisho Otome Otogibanashi” has been decided. From October 2021, it will be broadcast on TV Tokyo, TV Osaka, BS11, and AT-X. In addition to the information release, the 3rd key visual was revealed.

This anime is originally called “Taisho Otome Otogibanashi” by Kirioka Sana, which was serialized in “Jump SQ” from 2015 to 2017. This is the nostalgic romance set in Taisho Era.

The 3rd key visual depicts the protagonist Shima Tamahiko and Tachibana Yuzuki lying with flying petals of cherry blossoms. It raises expectation toward what they are going to experience with the progression of the story.
Also from 8:00 PM of July 4, the 2nd PV was released on YouTube. July 4 is the 6th anniversary since the start of the serialization, and should have gained attention from the fans.

The official spin-off titled “Taisho Otome Otogibanashi- The Dining of the Isolated Family-“ will be start the serialization from July 23, 2021.

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