It was announced that the TV anime “Platinum End” will start in October 2021. The 2nd key visual and the 1st PV have been released together with this announcement.

“Platinum End” is the latest work of Ohba Tsugumi (story) and Obata Takeshi (Illustration), who produced “DEATH NOTE” and “Bakuman”. This series has exceeded 4.5 million copies in circulation worldwide.
Kakehashi Mirai is experiencing harsh life at his relative’s house, who take care of him after his family passed away in an accident. Then, during the graduation day of his junior high school, he decided to jump off a building after feeling despaired about everything. However, he encounters the single-winged angel, and this marks the start of this dark story.

Once again, it was decided that this work will start in October 2021, and it will consist of 24 episodes in two consecutive cours with the broadcast period being from October 2021 to March 2022. It was announced that this work will depict the story until the finale.
Also the 2nd key visual has been released. It features Kakehashi Mirai with the “Red Arrow” and “Angel Wings” with the Angel Nasse, and “Uryuu Kanade” with the “White Arrow’ with the angel Meyza in a contrastive depiction.
The 1st PV features the cutscenes from the main work of Platinum End” for the first time, which will surely hype up the anticipation toward this work.

The additional staff information has been informed as well. The 1st series director is Takahashi Hideya while the 2nd series director is Kise Kazuchika, the general director and character designer of “Ghost in the Shell: Arise”. The music is handled by Tokuda Masahiro, known for the insert songs of the drama “MIU404” and “Unnatural”.

TV anime “Platinum End” will start in October 2021, on TBS and other channels.

(C)Ohba Tsugumi, Obata Takeshi/ Shueisha, Platinum End Production Committee