Kirioka Sana’s original manga “Taisho Otome Otogi Banashi” (大正処女御伽話) will be adapted into a TV anime in the fall of 2021 as “Taishou Otome Otogi Banashi” (大正オトメ御伽話 the same name but different kanji). The main character, Shima Tamahiko, will be played by Kobayashi Yuusuke, known for his role as Natsuki Subaru in “Re: Zero – Starting Life in Another World”, and the heroine, Tachibana Yuzuki, played by Aizawa Saya. The key visual, staff information, and comments from the original author have also arrived.

The original story of “Taisho Otome Otogi Banashi” is a comic by Kirioka Sana, which was serialized in “Jump SQ.” from August 2015 to October 2017. It won the 7th place in the “Tsugi ni Kuru Manga Taisho 2017” and the 5th place in the “Animeka Shitehoshii Manga Ranking 2018”.
The time is Taisho. Tamahiko, a young man, is sick of everything in this world due to an accident, and has become a “pessimist”. One day, a girl named Yuzuki comes to see him…
Set in Japan a hundred years ago, the nostalgic worldview depicts a gentle but weighty love story and human drama.

The key visual, cast, and staff information have also been released. Kobayashi Yuusuke will play the main character, Shima Tamahiko, and Aizawa Saya will play the heroine, Tachibana Yuzuki.
The anime is directed by Hatori Jun (assistant director of “Kamiwaza Wanda”) and written by Fukuda Hiroko (scriptwriter of “Paccolorin” and “Kiratto Pri ☆ Chan”), with character designs by Watanabe Miyuki who did “Kamiwaza Wanda” (character design) and “The 8th Son? Are You Kidding Me?” (assistant chief animation director), and SynergySP will be in charge of production.

The TV anime “Taisho Otome Otogi Banashi” will start airing in the fall of 2021.

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Original Author: Kirioka Sana
The story “Taisho Otome Otogi Banashi”, which started in 1921, will be animated in 2021, exactly 100 years later! This is thanks to all of you! (Thank you very, very much!) I hope you’ll be able to see Yuzu and her friends moving colorfully, talking and singing in the anime, and that you’ll find a new charm that’s different from the manga. Please look forward to it!

(C) Kirioka Sana/Shueisha, Taisho Otome Otogi Banashi Production Committee