As the new casts for the TV anime “Platinum End,” the joining of M・A・O and Hanae Natsuki has been decided. Also, comments from these two casts have arrived.

“Platinum End” is the newest title by Ohba Tsugumi (Story) and Obata Takeshi (Illustration), who are well known for the authors of “DEATH NOTE” and “Bakuman.” The story begins with a young boy who is devastated by everything meeting a single-winged angel while attempting to fall from the school roof.

This time, the joining of the two new casts including M・A・O and Hanae Natsuki has been decided. M・A・O will be voicing “Hanakago Saki,” who is a childhood friend and a crush of the main character, Kakehashi Mirai. Hanae Natsuki will be voicing “Revel,” who is a second-rank angel, that helps Saki to compete in the battle of God’s Successor.
There are also comments from these two casts.

TV Anime “Platinum End” will broadcast from Fall 2021 on TBS and other channels.

[Below are the Comments]

[M・A・O: Hanakago Saki]
Hello, I am M・A・O, who will be joining as Hanakago Saki. With a unique and magnificent story, I read the original manga with pounding hearts, thinking of how the story will unfold. I would like to carefully voice and express Saki, especially her growth and conflict while the entire story continues to question her about the meaning of “staying alive.”

[Hanae Natsuki: Revel]
I was hyped while reading the manga as the setting was amusing. I am already looking forward to the after record, as Revel is a character with a quite funny position. How will the conflict and growth of God’s candidates who are devastated by life, and the battle of mind using angels’ power look like in the animation!? Please look forward to it!

(C)Ohba Tsugumi, Obata Takeshi / Shueisha, Platinum End Production Committee