TV anime “Jujutsu Kaisen”’s special event called “Juju Fes 2021” was held on June 13 at Kawaguchi General Culture Center Lilia Main Hall in Saitama Pref.

The 7 cast who play the Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical College students, including Enoki Junya (Itadori Yuuji), Uchida Yuuma (Fushiguro Megumi), Seto Masami (Kugisaki Nobara), Koamtsu Mikako (Zenin Maki), Uchiyama Kouki (Inumaki Toge), Seki Tomokazu (Senior Panda), and Nakamura Yuuichi (Gojou Satoru) appeared on the stage for the event. An audience of over 30,000 people gathered together in the actual event hall and the online streaming.

The first program was titled “Let’s replay a remarkable scene chosen by the cast!”, and the cast replayed the memorable scene that they chose after announcing their favorite scenes with other characters. Multiple impressive scenes were played again by the experienced cast.

The first scene was of “Itadori Yuuji” chosen by Nakamura, and Enoki played the scene in episode 2 that Itadori shouted, “I don’t want to regret living this way” again. Nakamura commented in this scene, “Kojou keeps this belief in his heart throughout the story, and he will be restrained by his own words. This line was impressive”.

Moreover, Nakamura continued, “Enoki-san’s approach to the role, which was connecting the normal emotion to different emotions, was different from mine and was interesting”, was the impression he received while standing beside Enoki in the recording session.

Uchida continued and chose the scene of Kugisaki fighting with Nishimiya in episode 17. Seto performed the live performance .

Uchida commented on this scene, “Kugisaki is obsessed with being her true self, and she forces that to her opponent. I admire her strength. She is cool, in many ways”. Seto replied, “by interacting with others, I merged myself into acting more than in the recording session”, and reviewed the memory and described the atmosphere of the actual recording session.

Uchiyama chose Panda comically practicing in the school field with Kugisaki in episode 6. He described, “It was a funny scene for an anime, and is also fun to look at Toge, playing together. It is a good scene to see the relationship between the characters”.

Seto then introduced Kugisaki and Zenin Maki talking during their walk in episode 8. “I was totally charmed by this scene. Although she has a difficult background as a member of the ‘Zenin Family’, but Maki-san never cares about it and lets it go”.

Komatsu reacted, “I love Nobara too, so we are the same”. This scene was a lucky chance for Komatsu to play together with Seto and added that it was a memorable experience.

The scenes of “Inumaki Toge”, chosen by Komatsu, were from episode 8 and 19. Komatsu explained her choice, “Although Toge is usually a reckless boy, but he is desperate in the fighting scene and there sees a big gap”.

Uchiyama replied to this as the actor, “Whenever he is desparate, I wouldn’t play with a clear voice; I will play him with a voice that sounds stuck and bad for the body”. Here he explained the points he has in his mind when playing the character.

Enoki chose Fushiguro’s barrier technique scene from episode 23. He commented, “This scene revealed Fushiguro’s ‘talents’ using the ‘barrier technique’. I felt the immense atmosphere of being released, and Uchida-san’s acting was so memorable as well”.

Uchida reacted, “this was the first battle for Fushiguro to show his strong will that ‘he will definitely win’. I recorded this scene by myself alone, so I talked to myself and focused when playing the scene”.

Seki chose Gojou and Jougo’s combat scene from episode 7. “I have liked the character in the teacher position for a long time. I was also charmed by his beautiful eyes (laugh)”, Seki explained, and Nakamura reacted, “Gojou’s performance is not always stable, so I feel like I am playing 2 different characters at the same time when he is and is not wearing the eye mask. I always think it’s difficult to play him correctly”.

As the special choice by the staff, the sound director Fujita Akane chose Kojou’s monologue performed in the last episode of the 1st cour (episode 13).

The sound director Fujita Akane commented, “I decided to use his lines after the song, so that the words are enhanced”, and then Enoki reacted, “I didn’t know that! I think the scene became more impressive due to your direction. This kind of determination scene is usually performed within the speaking part, but I played in that way because I thought he was in the natural state”.

Lastly, the director Park Sunghoo selected the scene Kojou and Kugisaki determined each other to be “accomplice” in episode 24. “The acting of two characters made the scene even deeper. Each movement in this scene was so delicate and natural, so I tried to lip sync carefully”, he explained. Enoki and Seto also seemed to be impressed by looking at the delicately produced scene.

In the 3-part stage reading part, the originally-made script by staff titled “Juju Sanpo” (Jujutsu Walk), was performed.

Set in Kawaguchi, where the event hall is located, Jujutsu Metropolitan Curse Industry High School 1st-year and 2nd-year students are divided into teams and they will solve “Crossing Arakawa! Juju Tra Quiz”. A lot of laughter could be heard whenever the comical interactions between the characters occurred, and the wonderful acting by the cast impressed the audience.

Also, the artist for the 2nd cour’s opening theme song called Who-ya Extended arrived on the stage. They performed “VIVIVD VIDE” as a surprise, and the entire event was impressed by the passionate and extensive singer.

The announcement part at the end revealed “Jujutsu Kaisen the Movie: 0” will be released on December 24, 2021, together with a teaser visual.

While a big round of applause was sent toward the stage after the surprising announcement, Enoki commented, “in the PV, there is a line that said, ‘We will hold the attack in upcoming December 24’, and please look forward to this line, since this line is very important to the movie”.

The stage was closed with the comments from each cast toward the fans and audience.

【Enoki Junya (Itadori Yuuji)】
Anime staff did their best to produce their anime, and the cast responded. First, please go watch the movie. Also, I want to watch the sequence. I think the atmosphere will change, if the situation recovers to the point, where all cast can assemble again for the recording session. I hope the situation improves as soon as possible.

【Uchida Yuuma (Fushiguro Megumi)】
After performing 2 cours, I had the opportunity to deliver a passionate message towards different targets. I am honored to be with this anime once again. Please look forward to December 24 and hope to depict the story afterward.

【Seto Masami (Kugisaki Nobara)】
It has been a while since I stood in front of the fans, but I am glad that I could see the fans being happy from the news. The announcement could be made due to all your support. Please continue to support this anime.

【Nakamura Yuuichi (Gojou Satoru)】
If you’ve read the original, you know this, but if the anime doesn’t continue, I don’t really understand the Gojou I play, he’s just an agitator…I want to see the sequel.

【Komatsu Mikako (Zenin Maki)】
Two years have passed since I last participated in a “Jujutsu Kaisen” event. I enjoyed this anime from multiple perspectives. I think this work is loved by many people because I see the name “Jujutsu Kaisen” all over the place. Please continue your support.

【Uchiyama Kouki (Inumaki Toge)】
It was fun to merge myself into the world of “Jujutsu Kaisen”, since I haven’t done so for a while. I believe that you want to hear the episodes from the cast who are not here, so I hope an event similar to this can be held again.

【Seki Tomokazu (Panda)】
It has been a while since the last time I appeared on a real stage. I was honored that I could play Panda, which is one of the most popular animals. Since he is mysterious, I hope that I can reveal his secrets little by little.

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