The animation production studio “MAPPA” has welcomed its 10th anniversary in June 2021. To commemorate this the 10th-anniversary key visual and a special movie have been released.

“MAPPA” is an animation production studio that is known for “Jujutsu Kaisen”, “Zombie Land Saga”, “Yuri!!! on Ice”, and other anime.
To commemorate its 10th anniversary, the event “MAPPA Stage 2021 -10th Anniversary-” was held on June 27, and its future developments, including “Attack on Titan The Final Season” and “Chainsaw Man” along with announcement of new information have been discussed.

Also, MAPPA 10th-anniversary key visual and special movie with the character produced by “MAPPA” were revealed. It features a gathering of the main protagonist, including Itadori Yuuji from “Jujutsu Kaisen”, Eren Yeager from “Attack on Titan”, and Aslan from “Banana Fish”.
The movie is a recompilation of MAPPA’s works throughout these 10 years. The latest music “Baka Jyanai Noni” by “Zutomayo” was used as the collaboration music and the comments from the member, ACA-Ne were released.

Various projects are currently in plan to commemorate this anniversary year. Do look forward to future announcements.

Comments from ACA-Ne of “Zutomayo”
I had always watched MAPPA.
Thank you so much. I immediately accept it once I was offered to produce the music for the 10th-anniversary movie. You will be able to sense some movement in the emotion in the songs, so I was saved as I just happen to want to repay the favor. It made me very happy. The next is the 20th anniversary!

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