Movie “Kin-iro Mosaic Thank you!!” (scheduled on August 20, 2021) released its main promotion video.

In the movie “Kin-iro Mosaic Thank you!!”, Shinobu and her friends in the third year of high school are visiting Nara and Kyoto for the school trip.
Shinobu is disappointed since the trip destination is not England, but Alice is happy that she can look at traditional Japanese culture, Aya is persisted with love talk held at night, Youko is busy reacting, and Karen is somewhat together with them, although she belongs to the different homeroom.
After the school trip, they now have to think about what they will do after the graduation…What are their destinations?

Movie “Kin-iro Mosaic Thank you!!” will be released on August 20, 2021.

© Hara Yui, Hobunsha/Kin-iro Mosaic the Movie Thank you!! Production Committee