From “Ryoma! The Prince of Tennis: New Movie Version” (scheduled on September 3, 2021), Ryoma and tennis gang’s “RAP FESTIVAL” video, and all charactes’ images were released.

“Ryoma! The Prince of Tennis: New Movie Version” is the story of 3 blank months between “Prince of Tennis” and “New Prince of Tennis”.
Echizen Ryoma, who is at the training in the U.S. after winning the national competition, accidently travels over time to the past, where his father Echizen Nanjirou was an active tennis player known as “Samurai”.

The video released this time is the “RAP FESTIVAL”, in which Echizen Ryouma and tennis gangs compete through rap.
Ryouma Echizen (CV: Minagawa Junko), who is on the training session, accidently encounters Sakuno (CV: Takahashi Mikako), who is at the same place by trip with her family, being interfered by the tennis gangs Wolf (CV: Sugita Tomokazu), Boo (CV: Takeuchi Shunsuke) and Foo (CV: Takeuchi Ryouta). He cuts in and begins the rap battle.

It was the first experience to hold a rap battle for Minagawa, but by watching the completed recording, she commented, “Ryouma and Wolf and his friends were so cool and was worth trying my best”.

Moreover, in addition to Fuji Shuusuke and Ryoma’s brother Ryouga, the hidden characters are all revealed this time. An expectation rises toward how each character will be picked up in the story.

“Ryoma! The Prince of Tennis: New Movie Version” will be released on September 3.

© Konomi Takeshi/Shueisha, © New Movie Version Prince of Tennis Production Committee