From the movie “100 Nichikan Ikita Wani (A Crocodile Who Lived for 100 Days)”, Ryunosuke Kamiki (the crocodile), Tomoya Nakamura (the mouse) and Subaru Kimura (the mole), gave comments on their “character development process”. Photos from movie scenes were also released along with the comments.

“100 Nichikan Ikita Wani” is the movie adaptation of “100 Nichi Go ni Shinu Wani (A Crocodile Who Will Die in 100 Days)”, a four-panel manga series that became a social phenomenon.

Both of the directors, Shinichiro Ueda and Miyuki Fukuda, nominated Kamiki as the first candidate for the role of the crocodile. Kamiki commented on the role: “The crocodile has a pure, honest, and friendly character. Since he is hyper most of the time, there were many scenes where I acted childish and playful.”

Before the recording, Kamiki was told how the crocodile is a charming character who attracts all the people around him. Kamiki explains: “I discussed with the directors how I could express the crocodile’s attractive character that even the calm mouse and the blunt mole get along with him”.

Nakamura also commented on his role as the mouse, the best friend of the crocodile: “He seems calm and cool, but he becomes a clown when he is with the crocodile and the mole”. Kimura, who plays the mole, another best friend of the crocodile, was told to play the role “like the bossy kid of the group”. Kimura says: “The directors explained to me that the mole is a blunt, and the naughtiest character among the three”.

“100 Nichikan Ikita Wani” will be released on July 9th.

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