The trailer for “The Alligator Who Lived for 100 Days,” scheduled for release on May 28, 2021, has been released.

The film is based on “The Alligator Who Died in 100 Days,” a four-panel manga about the daily life of an ordinary alligator that was posted on the Twitter account of the author, Kikuchi Yuuki, every day for 100 days from December 12, 2019 to March 20, 2020. The film depicts the crocodile’s daily life during those 100 days, and what happens to the friends who lost something important to them 100 days later.

In the trailer, we can hear the voices of Kamiki Ryunosuke as the main character, Alligator, Nakamura Tomoya as Alligator’s best friend, Mouse, and Kimura Subaru as Mole, as well as Araki Yuko as Sempai, First Summer Uika as Dog, and Yamada Hiroki as Frog, the original character of the movie.
The trailer also features the theme song “TSUZUKU” by Ikimonogakari, which evokes warmth and emotion.

“The Alligator Who Lived for 100 Days” will open in theaters nationwide on May 28, 2021. There are only 32 days left until its release.

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