From the anime movie “100 Nichikan Ikita Wani (A Crocodile Who Lived for 100 Days),” special information and poster visual has been revealed with a theme song by Ikimonogakari playing in the background. The movie bases on the four-cell manga “100 Nichi Go ni Shinu Wani (A Crocodile Who Will Die in 100 Days),” which brought a social phenomenon in Japan.
Furthermore, Yamada Yuuki, who will voice the movie original character Kaeru (Frog), and others including First Summer Uika and Simizu Kurumi will be joining the casts. Comments from the above-mentioned actors and Kameda Seiji, who works together with Ikimonogakari, have been revealed together.

“A Crocodile Who Will Die in 100 Days” is a four-cell manga about the daily life of easygoing Crocodile by Kikuchi Yuuki, uploaded every day on Twitter for 100 days starting from Dec. 12, 2019, to Mar. 20, 2020.
The movie, “A Crocodile Who Lived for 100 Days,” not only depicts the 100 days of the Crocodile from the manga but also depicts 100 days after the death of the Crocodile. The story focusess friends of Crocodile, who lost an important thing from their daily life.

In the poster visual, tones of photos of the Crocodile’s daily life along with his friends Nezumi (Mouse) and Mogura (Mole), are illustrated. Casual and lovely moments of daily life are fluttering all over the design.

On the other hand, the special information starts from the Hanami (Flower Viewing) scene from the final episode of the original manga. The 100 days that the Crocodile spent and the new story that the movie will depict, is shown along with the new theme song, “TSUZUKU,” by Ikimonogakari.
You can also check characters being brought into life through the voicing of the actors including Kamiki Ryunosuke (Voiced Crocodile), Nakamura Tomoya (Voiced Mouse), and Kimura Subaru (Voiced Mole).

Moreover, the appearance of Yamada Yuuki, First Summer Uika, and Simizu Kurumi has been decided.
Yamada will be voicing Frog, an original character that plays an important role in the story after “A Crocodile Who Will Die in 100 Days,” exchanging a relationship with Mouse and Mole. First Summer Uika will voice Inu (Dog), who is a lover of Mole, and Simizu will voice Baito-chan (Part-timer-chan), who works at the cafe that Senpai works.

“A Crocodile Who Lived for 100 Days” will be on screen nationwide in Japan from May 28, 2021.

[Below are the Comments]

[Kaeru (Frog): Yamada Yuuki]
I read the original manga as it was a big trend, and I realized the importance of our daily life, and I believe this title definitely has the power to bring changes to the way we live. When I first encountered the movie’s original character Frog, and read the script, I felt a sense of peculiarity. I also think that the first impression of this character will make everyone say “Who’s this guy?” However, this character is the “Fresh Wind” for the story.
I wish I could become a following wind for people who experienced and carries the sadness for being leftover, the meeting and parting. Also, even the most active and energetic people also have concerns, and I wish every feels that there is always someone around from my acting of the Frog.

[Inu (Dog): First Summer Uika]
As I enjoyed the original manga every day in real-time, I have never dreamt of joining the world myself and see the Crocodile and others move!
Within the story, Inu (Dog) was one of my favorite characters that made the story even more vibrant. A duet between the Mole is one that I am looking forward to. I will try my best to show the bright and cute atmosphere of the Dog-san!

[Baito-chan (Part-timer-chan): Simizu Kurumi]
It is my greatest honor to be part of “100 Wani,” which I enjoyed every morning as part of the special broadcast. Also, it is a great honor to have this title be my first voicing job!
Personally, I have not met some titles that deliver hidden messages in recent years, however, this manga is a great title that allows people to imagine various feelings depending on the readers. Despite being the worst time [due to the pandemic], I believe this title helped people to realize important things around us. I hope this movie could be seen and enjoyed by a lot of people regardless of age!

[Ikimonogakari Mizuno Yoshiki]
Since the death of Crocodile-Kun, the time has passed like a wild wind. Not to treat my feels and life as if it is not important. Not to get my heart soaked by anger or anxiety. To somehow continue from today to tomorrow. And realizing how important and precious these are. These are the things that I have been thinking about.
It is the will that the word “TSUZUKU” holds. The alive will always be the ones that are “Leftover.” Despite knowing the sadness of parting, we must be ready to welcome the day after.
I want my present and my stories to reach the heart of those who live every day with their best effort, through this song.

[Kameda Seiji]
When I first encountered this movie, there were no songs or colors, and it almost seemed like a Kamishibai (Paper Play). However, I was following with tears.
The daily life that Crocodile-Kun spent was exactly the life that we were encountering every day.
The story of this movie is full of kindness that highlights the importance of being “alive.”
It will be great if the song could carefully approach this precious daily life.

(C) 2021 “A Crocodile Who Lived for 100 Days” Production Committee