The start of the media mix project “High Card” inspired by poker cards by the Kawamoto Homura and Muno Hikaru of “Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler” has been announced. The comments from the Kawamoto Homura, Muno Hikaru, character designer, Ebimo have been released.

“High Card” is a media mix project by KADOKAWA, TMS Entertainment, and Sammy.
This project is planned to have various media mix development, including an anime, manga, and novel while working together with the new entertainment agency “m” of Sammy.

The title “High Card” is a poker’s term, which means no combination can be formed with any of the 5 cards, in another world, a no pair combination.
The world setting of this work will be handle by Kawamoto Homura, the author of the gamble-themed work, “Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler”, which has gotten various media mix developments, including an anime and live-action film. The author of the novel “Kakegurui – Compulsive Gambler”, Muno Hikaru will also be involved together with TMS Entertainment, which has handled various anime, including “Lupin the Third” and “Detective Conan”.

Do look forward to the future announcements on the official website for more information on “High Card”.

Kawamoto Homura
Above all, please take a look at the visual. “High Card” will be a story about them. They are the main stars. For those who understand, please watch it. For those who don’t, please look forward to the future announcements and watch it as I believe you might understand about it soon.

Muno Hikaru
An unusual atmosphere is coming out from the main visual.
I believe that the “High Card” project is filled with all the unique traits of all the affiliated personnel.
I also hope this youth drama of the various characters that are filled with love and hatred, will be able to move you.
I am the most one who is looking forward to the complete work on Earth!

As I have designed various characters for this project, I believe that you will like it as various outstanding clothing and accessories will be involved.
I had also drawn the main visual that is filled with the world setting of “High Card”!
As the setting and story are filled with my favorite elements, I am looking forward to the release as a fan.
Please look forward to it!