The 2nd lineup of characters & cast’s information for Bushiroad latest media mix project “ROAD59 -Shinjidai Ninkyou Tokku-” (ROAD59 -The Chivalry Special Ward of the New Generation-) with the theme of “Chivalry” has been announced. The application for the first ticket reservation lottery for this stage play, which will be held in December 2020, has also been announced.

“ROAD59 -Shinjidai Ninkyou Tokku-” is the new generation “Chivalry” entertainment by Bushiroad, which has produced various multi-media content, including “BanG Dream!”, and “Revue Starlight “.
It depicts the misconception of each organization, due to their purpose, facing each other in the streets filled with greed.

A total of 5 characters and cast were announced.
Ayukawa Taiyo will act as Kirimiya Yuuto from “Shinonome Gumi”, Nanami Hiroki as Hyuuga Shion from “Hakurou Gumi”, Kudou Haruka as Hiiragi Renge and Okada Mei as Hiiragi Sara from “Kurojou Gumi”, and Katou Rihona as Irina Spessivtseva from “PHONEIX”.

The stage play “ROAD59 -Shinjidai Ninkyou Tokku-” will be performed at Nakano ZERO Big Hall, Tokyo from December 24 until December 27.
The first ticket reservation lottery will be accepted at “Bushiroad Music Passport” from 5pm, October 6 until 6pm, October 12. Further information can be found at the website.

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