It was announced that the 2nd season of “Let’s Make a Mug Too” has been decided. The title is “Let’s Make a Mug Too: 2nd Kiln”. The broadcast is scheduled on October 2021.

“Let’s Make a Mug Too” is set in Tajimi city in the northern part of Gifu Pref. It is a youth story of 4 girls being charmed by pottery, with the theme ofincluding the traditional art in Gifu called “Mino Yaki”. First 15 minutes is the regular anime part, and the 2nd 15 minutes is live-actione video.

Himeno begins to love pottery even more after she experienced a Mino Yaki contest. Himeno decides to have her section in the shelf at her home, where her mother’s works are stationed. The background of Mika’s “work”, the friendship with her friend Naoko, and finally Toouko’s hidden wish. After experiencing many things, what kind of work will Himeno put on the shelf?

The 2nd season commemoration visual depicts the protagonist Himeno holding a mug with “2nd season” printed on it at the center of the illustration. The relaxing atmosphere covers the visual together with basic illustrations and designs in the back.

The same staff members continue to work on the 2nd season. The comments from the director Kamiya Jun, the series structure/ script writer Arakawa Naruhisa, the NipponJapan Animation’s staff and the planner Ishida YuukiHiroki and the staff team of the original “Let’s Make a Mug Too” have arrived.

““Let’s Make a Mug Too: 2nd Kiln” will be broadcast from October 2021 at CBC TV, BS11, TOKYO MX, MBS, and AT-X.

<Full comments are listed below>
Director Kamiya Jun
“Let’s Make a Mug Too” 2nd season will be produced!
This is all because of those who watched the anime!
We will do our best to make a better anime, while keeping the atmosphere of season 1.
Please look forward to the broadcast!

Series Structure/Script Writing Arakawa Naruhisa
The 2nd season will be produced with the support from you! Thank you! We haven’t shown everything of Tajimi yet, and I am happy to have the opportunity to depict more charms of Himeno and her friends.
Please look for the broadcast!

Japan Animation staff Ishida Yuuki
Thanks for watching the anime! I never thought that theof a booklet that I unintentionally bought has comecoming this far…I want to thank you all.
Please pay close attention to Himeno and Tooko-senpai in the 2nd season.
Naoko will watch over Himeno as usual.
There is an episode uniquely made for Mika.
Moreover, there is a new encounter with Matsuse and other characters, and the youth pottery life goes on.

The original “Let’s Make a Mug Too” Staff Team
We have no idea how to react to what we have heard…
We are filled with anticipation that the episodes will get even deeper..
There will be original developmentsincidents in anime, and we, the production team of the original manga, look forward to the anime!

© Planet, NipponJapan Animation/ “Let’s Make a Mug Too” Pproduction Committee