June 9th is Rock Day.

This day is a commemoration day from the words “6” and “9”.

Rock ‘n’ roll was born in the United States in the 1950s, and by the 1960s it had spread to a wide range of countries. There are songs in anime that make people go crazy like rock music.
The word “rock” is often used to refer to a person’s way of life or beliefs beyond the genre of music. There are many rock characters in anime and games that have won the hearts of their fans.

Here at Anime! Anime!, we conducted a reader survey titled “What is the most “rock” character/anime song?” We received responses from 143 people during the survey period from May 27 to June 3.
The ratio of male to female respondents was about 20 percent male and 80 percent female. About 55% of the respondents were 19 years old or younger, and about 20% were in their 20s, mainly young people.

In this article, we present the results of the “What is the most “rock” anime song?”

■Theme songs and insert songs that make dramas more exciting
1st place
The 1st place went to “Can Do” by GRANRODEO. The approval rate was about 7%.

“Can Do” is the opening theme song of “Kuroko’s Basketball”. There are some comments saying, “There is no other theme song for a sports anime that can cheer me up like that. The lyrics seem to speak to the listener, and the song is like a cheering song, but the prelude and guitar solo convey the rock tone, making it a fun song all the way through.”
Several other GRANRODEO songs also ranked in, including “TRASH CANDY,” the opening theme song for “Bungo Stray Dogs.” They deliver songs that stir the hearts of their fans.

2nd place

The 2nd place goes to “Donten” by DOES. It is the opening theme song of “Gintama” and some people commented that it was one of the most unforgettable theme songs of all time, saying, “I come up with ‘Donten’ when it comes to ‘Gintama.’” They received supportive comments saying, “It’s such a big and straightforward song, but I feel at ease when I listen to it.” The song by a three-piece rock band ranked high.

3rd place
“Crow Song” by Girls Dead Monster went to the 3rd place. “Crow Song” is an insert song for “Angel Beats!” and Girls Dead Monster is a girl band that appears in this work. They perform various songs in this work, but the song that was sung in the first episode got in the top rank.

Tied in 5th place, “God Knows…” from “The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi” came in, and tied in 11th place, “Gekkou Survive” from “Zombie Land Saga Revenge” came in.

■Here are some other comments!
For “1/3 no Junjo na Kanjou” (the ending theme for “Rurouni Kenshin – Meiji Kenkaku Roman Tan”) by SIAM SHADE, some said, “The lyrics, the sound of the drums, the bass, the way the guitar sounds, but also the sound of the vocals, the vocalism, and the way the singer sings. All of them are ‘typical rock’.”
For “Romance” by PENICILLIN (“Sexy Commando Gaiden: Sugoi yo! Masaru-san” opening theme), some said, “It’s a powerful rock song with a cool vibe that will never fade, and the absurdity of the animation, which is a nonsense gag, also makes it rock.”

For “Kizuato” (the opening theme of “Given”) by Centimillimental, some said, “I was moved by the way the rock tune of the theme song completes the work by beautifully compensating for the clumsy expression of emotions of band members who cannot express themselves in words.”

For “SWORD SUMMIT” (the opening theme for Sengoku Basara II) by T.M.Revolution, some said, “Nishikawa Takanori has sung many anime songs in the past, but I love ‘SWORD SUMMIT’ for its lyrics that convey the passionate lives of the warlords and the fragility of turbulent times, and for its rock tune melody that fits the world view.” We received some comments for various songs.

■Overall ranking
[What is the most “rock” anime song?]
1st place: “Can Do” GRANRODEO “Kuroko’s Basketball”
2nd place: “Donten” DOES “Gintama”
3rd place: “Crow Song” Girls Dead Monster “Angel Beats!”
4th place: “TRASH CANDY” GRANRODEO “Bungo Stray Dogs”
5th place: “Setsuna no Ai” GRANRODEO “Bungo Stray Dogs”
5th place: “God Knows…” Suzumiya Haruhi “The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi”
7th place: “Deadly Drive” GRANRODEO “Bungo Stray Dogs: DEAD APPLE”
8th place: “Douraku Shinjo” DOES “Gintama: The Final”
8th place: “Bakuchi Dancer” DOES “Gintama: Shinyaku Benizakura Arc”
8th place: “BRIGHT ROAD” Kurosaki Ranmaru “Uta no Prince Sama!”
11th place: “ADAMAS” LiSA “Sword Art Online Alicization”
11th place: “Gurenge” LiSA “Demon Slayer”
11th place: “SICK SICK SICK” Usui Masumi “A3!”
11th place: “Gekkou Survive” Franchouchou “Zombie Land Saga Revenge”
11th place: “Melissa” Porno Graffitti “Fullmetal Alchemist”
11th place: “Alice Blue no Kiss” More Than True “Aikatsu!”

(Survey period: May 27, 2021 – June 3, 2021)

*This questionnaire is part of a survey of our readers’ attitudes toward current anime works and characters. The results are not intended to determine the superiority or inferiority of any character or work. We hope that this article will provide you with an opportunity to learn about new works and characters, and deepen your understanding and interest in them.