“Mr. Fesmatsu ’21”, a special event to commemorate the release of Blu-ray&DVD of the TV anime “Mr. Osomatsu” season 3, was held at Nakano Sunplaza, Tokyo, on June 6, 2021. In the event, new anime series and theatrical film were announced.

“Mr. Fesmatsu ’21” was the 3rd event, following “Mr. Fesmatsu ’16” to commemorate “Mr. Osomatsu” Season 1, and “Mr. Fesmatsu ’18” to commemorate Season 2. Same as the last time, event composition and screenplay were handled by Matsubara Shu, who is in charge of series composition for the main series, and Yamamoto Kazutomi, who played the role of “Omusubi”, a set of identical robot twins that started showing up in Season 3, appeared for the first time, as well as the sextuplets. A total of 13 cast members gathered together.

The event started with the opening remarks by Governor Jushimatsu, Played by Ono Daisuke, who appeared in “Tidbits Collection 3”, episode 7 of Season 3. The audience was cracked up by cryptic remarks just like in the episode, and straight reactions by Sakurai Takahiro as MC. After the opening, a total of 13 cast members finally appeared, including Sakurai Takahiro, who played the role of Osomatsu. As the audience was not allowed to speak out loud, they welcomed them with glow sticks and applause.

The event consists of a lot of programs, including “Furikaeri-matsu”, a talk session to look back on Season 3, “Shin Kobore Banashi-shu (New Tidbits Collection)”, reading of a work newly written by Matsubara Shu, a dance show by the sextuplets in costumes, and “Kasege! Mutsugo Derby (Let’s make money! Sextuplets Derby)”, a mini gamble game inspired by “Casino”, which is featured in the event visual. In “Furikaeri-matsu”, each cast talked about a memorable episode of Season 3. Funny behind-the-scenes stories were revealed by them.

At the end of the daytime section, commemorating that this year hits the 6th anniversary, it has been announced that “Mr. Osomatsu” new anime series will be produced, and that two theatrical films will be shown in 2022 and 2023 for a limited period. The atmosphere reached the climax to hear the wonderful news.

Sakurai Takahiro, who plays the role of Osomatsu, the oldest of sextuplets, left some comments for the theatrical films: “I would say thank you to everyone for supporting us to hold such a wonderful event. As I wanted to make a hopeful announcement for the fans that came all the way to this event, so I did it! We have just made an announcement, so we have no other choice but to act on our words, so please look forward to a great scenario!”

At the ending, all the cast and sextuplets in costumes made a pose “Sheeh!”, and came to an end in warm applause.

(C)Akatsuka Fujio / Mr. Osomatsu Production Committee