June 2nd is Sawashiro Miyuki’s birthday.

Sawashiro Miyuki made her debut in 1999 as Petite Charat in “Di Gi Charat.” She won the Supporting Actress Award at the 3rd SeiyuuVoice Actor/Actress Awards, the Best Actress Award at the 4th SeiyuuVoice Actor/Actress Awards, the Overseas Fan Award at the 5th SeiyuuVoice Actor/Actress Awards, and the Best Supporting Actress Award at the 9th SeiyuuVoice Actor/Actress Awards.
From 2020 to 2021, she performed in “Fate/Grand Order THE MOVIE – Divine Realm of the Round Table: Camelot”, ‘HoneyWorks 10th Anniversary “LIP×LIP FILM×LIVE”’, and Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time”, “MARS RED”, and many other works. In recent years, she has also become a well-known narrator for news programs.

Here at Anime! Anime!, to celebrate Sawashiro MiyukiMiyuki Sawashiro’s birthday, we conducted a readers survey titled “Who is your most favorite character played by Sawashiro Miyukiher?” We received responses from 289 people during the survey period from May 21 to May 28.
The ratio of males to females was about 40 percent and 60 percent, with a slight increase in females. About 45% of the respondents were teensunder the age of 19, and about 30% were in their 20s.

■A wide variety of characters regardless of gender or age were ranked in!
1st place
Sinon from “Sword Art Online” came in 1st place. With a popularity rate of about 16%, she is toppingit has topped the list for three consecutive years.

In the game world, Sinon handles guns and bows with flair. Many fans seem to admire her strength, sayin,g “I can’t think of anyone better than Sawashiro-san to play this difficult character who looks cool and strong but actually has a trauma”, and “Sinon is just so cool after meeting Kirito and overcoming her pain.”

Some readers mentioned that the visuals differed depending on the series, such as “Especially the scene when she was appearing in the Alicization Arc was so cool that I fell in love with her”, and “I like the appearance of Solus, the Sun God in Underworld”.

2nd place
2nd place went to Celty Sturluson from “Durarara!”. The popularity rate was about 10%, up from 8th place last year.

Celty is a headless rider who is feared as an urban legend in Ikebukuro. There are some comments from readers saying, “The gap between Celty’s stylish appearance and Sawashiro-san’s sexy voice was the best part! I knew the original story, but Sawashiro-san’s performance made me into it even more,” and “I love the cute performance she gives only to her boyfriend, Kishitani Shinra.”

“Stage ’Durarara!’ – Chapter Enshuhousoku -” is scheduled to be performed in August 2021. Sawashiro will also be voicing Celty.

3rd place
3rd place went to Mine Fujiko from “Lupin the Third”. With an approval rating of about 8%, she moved up from last year’s 4th place.

Mine Fujiko is the mysterious beauty who twists Lupin around her finger. She has been voicing since 2011, and has received many comments such as, “Sawashiro-san’s Fujiko has a different, more independent femininity, which I think is more current,” and “Sawashiro-san’s greatness is that even though she is such a sexy character, you can feel her coolness and elegance.”

“Lupin the Third Part 6” will be aired in October 2021. We can’t wait to see what she will do in the new series.

■Here are some of the other comments!

For Koyanagi Hanako from “Wotakoi: Love Is Hard for Otaku,” she said, “Hanako seems mature, but Sawashiro voices beautifully with a sense of ‘I won’t show my deepest feelings to anyone’ very well, especially the scene when she had a quarrel was overwhelming.”
As for Kitaro from “Gegege no Kitaro,” some said, “I love his normallyl calm voice and his passionate voice during battle. I also love how Kitaro’s voice changes when he is cross-dressingcrossdressing…… (laughs)”.

As for Apo from “Space Brothers”, some said, “Sawashiro-san has played important characters such as the heroine Ito Serika and the main character Nanba Rokuta in his childhood, but I was very surprised when I found out that she had also played Apo the pug.”
As for Honda Kyoko “Fruits Basket”, there are some votes for a work that is currently airing saying, “I like her because she has the gentle side of a mother while retaining the image of a former biker gang member, and I feel that she fits the character very well.”

Characters of all genders and ages were also ranked in this survey. This survey shows non-human characters such as animals and yokai also stood out in the results.

■Ranking Top 20
[Who is your most favorite character played by Sawashiro Miyuki? 2021 Editionver.]
1st place: Sinon / Asada Shino “Sword Art Online”
2nd place: Celty Sturluson “Durarara!!”
3rd place: MineFujiko “Lupin the Third” (2011-)
4th place: Kanbaru Suruga “Monogatari series”
5th place: Kurapika “HUNTERxHUNTER” (2nd Work)
6th place: Akagi Towa / Cure Scarlet “Go! Princess Pretty Cure”
7th place: Kitaro “Gegege no Kitaro” (6th Work)
7th place: Bishamon “Noragami”
9th place: Karanomori Shion “PSYCHO-PASS”
10th place: Honda Kyoko “Fruits Basket” (2nd Work)
11th place: Maria “Arakawa Under the Bridge”
12th place: Koyanagi Hanako “Wotakoi: Love Is Hard for Otaku”
12th place: Momobami Kirari “Gekigurui”
14th place: Iwasawa Masami “Angel Beats!”
15th place: Inaba Himeko “Kokoro Connect”
15th place: Ultear Milkovich “FAIRY TAIL”
15th place: Shinku “Rozen Maiden”
15th place: Nanami Haruka “Uta no Prince-sama: Maji LOVE Series”
19th place: Seo Yuzuki “Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun”
19th place: Perrine-H. Clostermann “Strike Witches”
19th place: Mira Maxwell “Tales of Xillia”

(Survey period: May 21, 2021 – May 28, 2021)

*This questionnaire is part of a survey of our readers’ “attitudes toward current anime works and characters.” The results are not intended to determine the superiority or inferiority of any character or work. We hope that this article will provide you with an opportunity to learn about new works and characters, and deepen your understanding and interest in them.