Kyoto Animation (known as KyoAni), known for “Violet Evergarden”, “Sound! Euphonium”, and other anime, has announced that it will be having its first music fest.

The event “Kyoani Music Festival -Kandou o Mirai e-” is the 5th fans appreciate event that is held since 4 years ago, and it will be KyoAni first concert event.
Under the theme of “-Kandou o Mirai e- (Passion toward the future)”It will feature the gathering of the theme song’s singers of KyoAni’s works. The guests will be leaded into the world of the KyoAni’s work via the music that will recall the emotion toward the work.

“The 5th Kyoto Animation Thanks Event Kyoani Music Festival -Kandou o Mirai e-” will be held on November 20 and 21, 2021, on the main hall of Rohm Theatre Kyoto. Detailed information on performers and ticket will be coming soon.