From the light novel “KA Esuma Bunko” that is published by Kyoto Animation, the release date of “Sakura no Furu Machi”, a title that won a special award from the “10th Kyoto Animation Award” has been decided for May 22, 2020. For the illustration of the book, FLY, who is well-known for designing the characters of the TV anime “Iroduku: The World in Colors” and illustrations of the light novel “Bottom-tier Character Tomozaki”, will be in charge.

“Sakura no Furu Machi” is the newest title of “KA Esuma Bunko” that is presented by Ogawa Haruo (Story) and FLY (Illustration).
This title has won KA Esuma Bunko Special Award at the 10th “Kyoto Animation Award” well-known for titles such as: “Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions” (Honor Award), “Beyond the Boundary” (Honor Award), “High Speed!” (Honor Award), “Myriad Colors Phantom World” (Honor Award), and “Violet Evergarden” (Major Award).

The key to this story is, “Amazakura”, a mysterious phenomenon of floral leaves falling down like a rain.
Tsubasa, who does not show the values by putting spaces with surrounding people, Hiyori, who cannot go progress being caught by past, and Ruka, who has moved into the school of Tsubasa and Hiyori for a certain purpose… This title depicts the faith of girls who carry “secret”, surrounding the “Amazakura” that occurred suddenly.

“Sakura no Furu Machi” will be on sale from May 22. It is priced at 648 JPY (Tax Excl.).

(C) Ogawa Haruo / Kyoto Animation