From the ‘Free!’ series, the latest film ‘Free! -The Final Stroke-’ Second Volume will be out on April 22nd, 2022. This time, a teaser visual, special trailer, and advance ticket information were released.

‘Free! -The Final Stroke-’ is the final chapter of the “Free!” series. The movie follows Haruka Nanase, who has built bonds with his friends through swimming and made miracles happen, challenging himself to the world’s stage.

The new teaser visual and the special trailer feature the tagline, “let go of everything to be strong”. Haruka swims to the future, to “somewhere he has never seen before”. What will Haruka, a boy who is blessed by the god of water, achieve and see beyond the pool?

Also, starting on December 17th, 2021, advance e-tickets (Mubichike) for the Second Volume will be released with a special document folder.Throughout the First Volume to the Last Volume, the folders have matching designs and can be aligned with each other. The Second Volume version shows the characters in their high school years. The same background is used for all characters, allowing you to match it with any character’s folder from the First Volume you may already have.

The Final Volume folders will have an illustration to bring the ‘Free!-The Final Stroke-’ movies to culmination. Stay tuned!

The Second Volume of ‘Free!-The Final Stroke-’ will be released on April 22nd, 2022.

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