Netflix has collaborated with BEAMS Co., Ltd. that manages around 170 select shops in and out of Japan. A total of 2 collection of 20 items will be release sequentially from May 27, 2021. The featured collections are “Netflix X BEAMS” collection that is inspired by Netflix brand and “EDEN X BEAMS” collection, which is a collaboration with Netflix original anime series “Eden” that will be released on the same date.
The sale of the official items of Netflix brand under “Netflix X BEAMS” collection are the first time in the history of Netflix.

This collaboration is between Netflix, the brand that has touched the worldwide people via its entertainments, including drama and movie, and the “BEAMS”, the brand that provides unique value around the world via fashion, culture, art, etc. and it was born with the mutual point of “To continuously create a new culture in the world that people can enjoy.”
Then, the result of that mutual point is the two collections, “Netflix X BEAMS” and “EDEN X BEAMS” with the purpose of delivering a new story to the world.

The sale of both collection has started on May 27 at “BEAMS” official online shop while it will be available on “Netflix X BEAMS POP-UP STORE” on June 1.
Also, it will be available in overseas store from June 8 and it will slowly expand to customer around the world, starting from North America.

Netflix Marketing Partnership Department Director, Terry Tsai

After Netflix has started its service in Japan in 2015, the culture and story of Japan has caught its attention. This time, I’m proud of this challenge on releasing the world first brand item of Netflix with the partnership with BEAMS. It’s like a dream come true for us as Netflix, which is providing a “formless” service, is able to provide an item that all members are able to use as well as having Netflix to be closer to everyone.

BEAMS Co., Ltd. Business Producer Department Chef Producer, Hidaka Masayuki
BEAMS has always been striving for brand-new collaboration that will surprise the customer. This time, we are delighted that we are able to challenge in forming new bonds between BEAMS and the worldwide customers via this collaboration with Netflix brand that is loved by everyone worldwide. By looking in the long-run, as Netflix is filled with many possibilities, we are able to feel that BEAMS is entering a new stage from this collaboration.

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