The sci-fi comic series “Mech Cadet Yu” by Greg Pak and Miyazawa Takeshi will be adapted intoto an anime by Polygon Pictures, well known for works like “Knights of Sidonia” and “Ajin”. It is scheduled to be released exclusively on Netflix under the title “MECH CADETS” in 2023.

The anime “MECH CADETS” is set on Earth after an attack by an alien species. Stanford Yu, a boy who works at a military academy, becomes the pilot of a giant robot and fights against the alien species along with his friends.
With full cooperation from Boom! Studios, the publisher of “Mech Cadet Yu”, Polygon Pictures will be producing the animation. And the scriptwriter/executive producer will be Aaron Lam from “Spartacus: Gods of the Arena” and “Ash vs Evil Dead”.

“MECH CADETS” is scheduled to be released exclusively on Netflix in 2023.

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“Polygon Picture” Executive Producer Jack Liang
We believe it is important for us as a studio based in Tokyo to have a diverse team working together to create a story that embodies Japanese art. Based on our mission to “deliver unprecedented work in exceptional quality”, we are truly grateful to be able to work along with talented staff, such as general director Awa Patrick Tohru and scriptwriter/executive producer Aaron Lam, and adapt the amazing story of “Mech Cadet Yu”, created by Greg Pak, Miyazawa Takeshi, and Boom! Studios, into an anime. We’re also honored to be working with Netflix, who made it possible for us to bring this story to life. I hope that this show will inspire future storytellers around the world.