The main trailer and key art of the Netflix original anime series “Eden” have been released. Information about additional cast members, including Shingaki Tarusuke, Kuwahara Yuuki, and Kaida Yuuko, along with comments from celebrities speaking high of the show have also been revealed.

“Eden” is a sci-fi adventure produced by a team of talented creators around the world including director Irie Yasuhiro from “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood” and producer Justin Leach from “Innocence”.

is a world filled with nature where only robots live, led by the commanding robot Zero (voice: Yamadera Kouichi).
In this world where humans are considered evil, agricultural robots, E92 (voice: Itou Kentarou) and A37 (voice: Hikami Kyouko), find a capsule with a human baby named Sara inside and decides to secretly take care of her.
Sara grows up, and one day hears a voice calling for her from far away.
It was from where only robots are supposed to live…

In the newly released main trailer, the one who was calling for Sara was revealed.
It was the AI, Zurich, that was calling for Sara to come to . Zurich tells Sara, “You must save the humans,” but only robots live in and humans are considered as harmful, evil beings. Sara asks herself, “Are humans really harmful? Are humans necessary in this world?” What will her answer be, after finding out the secret of and facing her robot parents in danger?

Three additional cast members were announced.
Shingaki Tarusuke as S566, the robot that Sara calls Uncle Joe, Kuwahara Yuuki as Zurich, the AI that calls for Sara from , and Kaida Yuuko as Geneva, the AI that assists commander Zero who wants to eliminate all humans.

And for the English dubbing, Ruby Rose plays Sara, Neil Patrick Harris plays Zero, David Tennant plays E92/Papa, Rosario Dawson plays A37/Mama, JP Karliak plays S566, Cassandra Morris plays Zurich, and Julie Nathanson plays Geneva.

“Eden” will be streamed exclusively on Netflix from May 27.

Tsuchiya Anna (Artist)
I couldn’t stop my tears. Environmental destruction and global warming are destroying our planet. Maybe Earth is better off without humans. But this anime will teach us what the beauties of humans are and how we should be. There has never been a work that depicted the relations of robots and humans as beautiful as this show. I’m grateful for this anime.

Tsuchida Teruyuki (TV Personality)
I think the “home” we live in with our family is really important to us. Then isn’t Earth the “home” to all humanity? Humans are selfish creatures, but we can’t live on our own. Shouldn’t we think deeply about this important planet for our loved ones? I hope everyone will watch the show with their families and start a conversation with them about various topics.

Mogami Moga (TV Personality)
I think ignorance, in a way, makes our lives happy. Something could be “right” for one and “wrong” for another. The complicated human emotions can be both strong and weak. What would you do when you lose something important? You never know until you actually lose it. I couldn’t give an immediate answer to the question asked in the show. Every episode made me ask myself, “What is it to be human?”.

Yamanouchi Suzu (Actress)
This anime made me think if humans are really necessary or not. If we keep destroying the environment, I believe, after tens and hundreds of years later, the world we live in will become just like “Eden” from the show. There were many scenes that resemble reality and it really scared me.

Morley Robertson (International Journalist)
The human race has become unsustainable. In the future, a paradise is run by robots that aren’t irrational. A single human girl was born from a capsule in such a world. Sara is a good kid. I really hope she can take good care of humanity. The story asks us in the current day an important question.

Miyamoto Amon (Stage Director)
Another masterpiece is born in the world of Japanese anime. The robots and humans in a world destroyed by the arrogance of humanity struck my heart even stronger in the COVID crisis we live in. The beautiful visual and the beloved protagonist Sara. I can watch this masterpiece over and over again. Are humans harmful? Can humanity become righteous? Now is the time to confront these perpetual questions.

Noguchi Ken (Alpinist)
The “環(Wa)” (circle) is important in “環境問題 (Kankyou Mondai)” (environmental issues). The connections of people and the harmony of humans and nature. Humans can destroy but also can undo the destruction. It may take tens or even hundreds of years to restore nature. I only hope that the human race can live peacefully on this Earth full of nature.

Noguchi Eko (High School Student)
The emotionless robots take care of a baby and gradually starts to care for each other just like real parents and child. What we take for granted will not always be here. The story reminds you of what is important to you. Please watch it with your loved ones.