From the TV anime “Super Cub”, the outline and scenes of Episode 8 “Shii no Basho” (Shii’s Place) were released.

“Super Cub” is based on the light novel of the same title, published by Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko.
Koguma is a high school girl who lives a life of nothing: no parents, no friends, not even any favorite pastimes. She buys a used Super Cub, which begins to gradually change her monotonous life.

In Episode 8, the cold weather is getting more and more intense.

Koguma and Reiko find it difficult to eat lunch outside. After school, Shii invites them to the coffee shop run by her parents.

They serve German-style bread at the coffee shop. Apparently, Reiko is a regular customer.

The TV anime “Super Cub” Episode 8 “Shii no Basho” was broadcast on Tokyo MX and other channels on Wednesday, May 26, 2021.
(C) Tone Koken, hiro / Bear Moters