The ABEMA original program “Hikasa Iguchi no Onnakoe Gohan!” featuring Hikasa Youko and Iguchi Yuka as the MC was broadcast exclusively on May 21, 2021, on ABEMA “Anime Live Channel”. Ogura Yui appeared as a guest and other than the various talk when the three of them are cooking, it also featured the ad-lib dubbing session “Korezo Seiyuu Narikiri Atereko”, introduction of convenient kitchen goods “Otekaru Kantan! Benri Kitchen Goods”, and other corners.

The broadcast will have the MCs cooking cuisine from three different countries with the theme of “Enjoys the traveling atmosphere from the worldwide cuisine” as we are unable to travel overseas in the current situation.
The first broadcast featured Hikasa, who uploaded cuisines on her blog, Ogura, who loves cooking and often cooked at home, and Iguchi, who didn’t cook recently as she thinks it troublesome. The enthusiasm from Iguchi is “I want to try to love cooking today and want to provide a cuisine that even someone like me can cook”.

After learning about their cooking experience, the menu for the broadcast was announced! It will be Italy’s Acqua Pazza, Mexico’s Tostadas Salad, and Korea’s Yangneyom Chicken.
Despite Iguchi voiced out her astonished “Can we even cooked these?”, she was able to show her cooking skill that she gained from attending the previous cooking class while facing difficulties in the process as she was not used to it. However, Hikasa and Ogura, who often cooked, were able to show out their skill splendidly. While showing off their magnificent cutting skill with the knife, they progressed in their cooking smoothly and also enjoyed cooking the worldwide cuisine that they hardly cooked by saying “It fun to cook cuisine that I’ve never seen before!” and “So, this is how the sauce is created~!”

Also, there is a talk session during the cooking. As the theme of the program is related to oversee travel, they had talked about various topics from their recent activities to their most confident cuisine. During the topic “Do you cooked according to the recipe? Or self-improvised?”, Hikasa answered, “Of course, I cooked according to the recipe. My original dish is the fried rice with the leftovers ingredients only”.

On the other hand, Ogura answered “I followed the recipe, but I usually arranged it in my own way afterward.” Followed by “For example, I replaced sugar with honey as it seems that it would be fine if I mix mirin, soy sauce, and honey together” as Ogura explained about her own cooking method since she mostly cooked traditional Japanese cuisines.

Then, when asked about “What’s the overseas cuisine that you want to eat”, Ogura answered, “Pho is very delicious!”, as she also revealed a failure during overseas, saying “I love Coriander, but I was served with the grass-like that comes with the stem at the local stores. So, I try to insert it in the soup for the time being, but when I looked at the locals, they are chewing the fresh leaf from the stem and they ate the whole stem in the end.”

After they finished cooking, its time for them to try it. The three of them are enjoying the cuisines they cooked with the following comments “It has a strong flavor and is extremely delicious”, “I can see the Mediterranean Sea!”, and “Our cuisines are delicious~”.
Then, it was the corner where they talked while enjoying the meal.
During the theme “What’s the failure during work that you can laugh now?”, toward Ogura’s reply, “I once ad-libbed when I forgot the lyrics during the concert”, Hikasa mentioned “Your recovery from the failure was excellent. Isn’t this the technique that was obtained from the difference between the numbers of stage performance?”

When talking about the stage performance, the topic moved to the unit “RO-KYU-BU!”, where the three of them are members of. Some of the conversations are “I was helped by Yui-chan”, “During the break, Yui-chan keep practicing in front of the mirror, and in the end, everyone got drawn in by her and also started practicing during the break as well, which make me thought of the power of youth,” and “That was a splendid effort”.
After that, the three of them talked about the role they wanted to try out, their dreams, the failure during their debut, and other topics. Before the broadcast end, they reflected back by saying, “It was fun cooking with both of you, and I become energetic from this liveliness”, “I want to have fun cooking with everyone again!”, “I’m looking forward to meeting you again!”, and they also hype up the expectation toward the next broadcast.