‘Arcane’, the first animated series from ‘League of Legends’, an online game for PC, will be released on Netflix in the fall of 2021.

“League of Legends” is a PC game released by Riot Games in 2009. It has been a driver of the growth of the esports industry, and ‘League of Legends 2020 World Championship’ set an unprecedented record.

‘Arcane’, the first animated series produced by Riat Games, recreates the world-view of “League of Legends”. The story is set in Piltover, a leading utopian city, and Zaun, a suppressed undercity, and retells the origin stories of two popular champions of “League of Legends”, and the power that tears them apart.

Dominique Bazay, director of Netflix original animation division. and Shauna Spenley, entertainment global president of Riat Games, have left some comments.

‘Arcane’, the first animated series from ‘League of Legends’ will be released on Netflix in the fall of 2021.

■Director of Netflix Original Animation Division
Dominique Bazay
“League of Legends” is a game that enthuses fans all over the world, and I am so excited that the first TV series “Arcane” based on the world-view will be released on Netflix.
This spectacular, thrilling work will make a pretty big impact on the fans.

■Riat Games Entertainment Global President
The fans have been longing for some spin-offs that dig into the world-view of “League of Legends” and the champions, so this work was produced to respond to such a demand. Netflix is globally famous and aims to offer high-quality content like Riat Games, and I consider Netflix to be the perfect partner to deliver “Arcane” to players all over the world.