The Netflix original anime “Biohazard: Infinite Darkness” is based on the monumental work of the survival horror series called “Biohazard”, and it was announced that Hasumi Eiichirou will be the director and Kanno Yuugo will be in charge of music. Moreover, Leon and Claire’s character promotion movie were revealed as well.

“Biohazard: Infinite Darkness” is horror action CG animation that revolves around Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield from “Biohazard” series, which marked 25th anniversary this year.
Leon and Claire accidentally reencounter at the White House and go onto another adventure.

Hasumi Eiichirou, who have produced various live-action movies of “Umizaru”, “MOZU”, and “The Sun Does Not Move”, will be the director. Moreover, Kanno Yuuma, a music composer active in various fields other than animation music will be producing music for the series. He is well-known composer for producing music for “PSYCHO-PASS”, “Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure”, and “Mobile Suit Gundam: Reconguista in G”.
Their passionate comments toward producing the CG anime to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the series, have arrived.

“Biohazard: Infinite Darkness” will be released from July, 2021 on Netflix.

Hasumi Eiichirou

Q. I believe you have built up your career through various live-action, or even simple action movies, and this time is your first animation movie production that is 3DCG and is based on popular “Biohazard” series. Please tell me your thoughts and passion toward the production.

I am honestly honored to participate in the series with long history and many fans than feel anxious. Since this the first challenge for me to create full-CG animation, therefore, I still feel that the wonderful staff carried me to the completion, and I am thankful of their work and support.
I produced this full-CG anime to make is more live than making it closer to the camera work and writing that I usually do. While depicting the characters in the way it does not betray the fans, since they are loved so much, it makes me so assured that actors of motion captures and voice actors were the same from original Biohazard series.

Q. Leon and Claire are the characters of “Biohazard” popular around the world. Which uniqueness of them that you want to express strongly?

I received an advice from the executive producer Kobayashi-san to depict Leon in 2006, which stands in between of brave and young Leon and Leon who is exhausted from continuous fight in 2014. This makes him stand in gray zone, that is neither white nor black, to create a contrast in between Claire in square stance. Leon in a suit is very important key visual as a symbol, and I was glad to see a suit fit nicely on him.

Q. This anime will be streamed to more than 190 countries through Netflix. Whom do you prefer to watch the series? Do you have any thought for your work being streamed around the world?

English translation done for English-speaking region, including culture and traditions, were checked by the assistant director Alex, and he also helped me with motion captures. When I received an offer from the producer Shinohara-san, I was told that an atmosphere of suspense was requested, therefore I tried to unfold the story as the card faced down in front of you gets flipped one-by-one, starting with one mystery-“What happened in the warzone of Penamstan 6 years ago?”.
I hope both Biohazard fans and non-Biohazard fans watch the show.

Kanno Yuugo
Q. I believe you composed music from various genre. Please tell me your thought when making music for this show and what was your point to make your music more like “Biohazard” series?

Since this popular series worldwide, I watched many “Biohazard” series, inherited spirits hidden in them, and challenged so that I can also create the new world view this time. Also, I produced it to be a large scale like Hollywood, since it will be streamed around the world.

Q. Please tell me if you have anything to notice because you formed the team with the director Hasumi or because it is animation movie.
I received a request from the director Hasumi that he wants to show small details and movies. Nothing much have changed from producing music for live-action movies and dramas, so I did not much due to the reason that this is the animation movie. It is more like, “Oh, I forgot this was the animation movie”.

Q. In the process of producing music, what was theme and image that you shared with the director Hasumi? Please tell me if you have an impressive episode when exchanging ideas with the director Hasumi.

When I exchanged demo music with the director Hasumi, I realized that making the audience scared with music is not “Biohazard”, although this is a zombie story. At the same time, being not too scary is also a problem, so the director Hasumi and I talked about a lot to make a better music.