The show run by Komatsu Mikako and Uesaka Sumire called “SAY YOU TO YOASOBI Wednesday 【Komatsu Mikako×Uesaka Sumire×Tokui Sora】 #1” was broadcast on April 14, 2021. The announcement of the new theme for the destructive Wednesday and introduction of the new MC Tokui Sora have been made during the first Wednesday episode for the season.

This episode lacked the new MC Tokui Sora due to her busy schedule, and the show was run by Komatsu Mikako and Uesaka Sumire, who were the MC following the previous season.

The show started with the episode of the appreciation party held during two weeks between the former season and the beginning of the new season at Uesaka’s house. They seemed to enjoy the private “Yoasobi” party from their words, such as, “We talked about the topic that we did not have time to exchange opinions”, “Sumipe, you were great! You opened 3 champagne”, “I suddenly started playing Momotestu. I really wanted to play this game face to face”, “I got so drunk at Sumipe’s house that I couldn’t walk straight on the way home”, and “It was a fun and tasty night”.

During the show, the program, “Let’s decide the theme for the new Wednesday!”, was held to decide the programs and themes for this season. They moved to a different studio to announce the new theme since “the theme is already decided”.
Although the show invited a master of the Japanese drums to do a drum roll, and both MC burst out laughing since the drum roll didn’t seem to end and the theme did not get announced for a long time.

After a long drum roll, the theme was announced to be “destruction”. As the theme stayed the same as the previous season, the staff commented, “Well, I think we should announced the theme, but there was a staff who thought prolonged announcement with a drum roll is much more exciting”, and the MCs reacted, “Well, you don’t learn”.

The MCs started playing Japanese drum since they have never experienced the Japanese drum, and they seemed to be excited. “Wow, I’ve never seen the Japanese drum so close “.
Although the two told the master that “we only know Master of Drums (Taiko no Tatsujin)”, they played the drum with a wonderful volume, making the master applaud toward their play. The MCs seemed to be still excited for playing the Japanese drum, and exchanged couple of words about it by saying, “Wow, it was a wonderful experience”, “I was sooo excited”, “I am even excited to see a small poster”, and “Wow, it was so cool”.

They then moved to the meeting to decided what to do for this season.
They first introduced the profile of Tokui, who will be the new MC from the next week. Learning Tokui’s various talents, including the experience of serializing her own original manga, they commented, “I remember we created a T-shirt and a hoodie for this program (during the previous season). I want to be creative with her”, “Let’s make an acrylic key chain with a drawing of our face drawn by each other”, and “outdoor program can be exciting with the 3 of us!”.

Moreover, they praised Tokui’s caring personality by saying, “Soramaru-san is never sarcastic” and “she overcomes any kind of difficulties with her smile”, while being sarcastic on them acting too freely, “I think we stress her so much” and “we sometimes should run the show neatly”. They then came up with the programs to appreciate Tokui’s work-“We sometimes should have an episode to relieve her stress!!” and “Maybe we can reserve one karaoke room for her private use”.

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