“BanG Dream!” (abbreviated Bandori) project’s girls band Roselia and RAISE A SUILEN will hold a joint live “Rausch und/and Craziness II” at Yokohama Arena on February 22, 2021. Photos of the live event have arrived.

RAISE A SUILEN was the first band to take to the stage.
After the opening movie, the curtain went up and Raychell (Ba.&Vo.) sang “mind of Prominence” to the audience, which was dyed with colorful lights from the arena to the stands. Lasers were flying wildly.

Then they went on with “A DECLARATION OF XXXX” and “HELL! or HELL?”. The band played “UNSTOPPABLE”, which was relatively light for the set played that day, “REIGNING” with its tough band sound that sounded anthemic, and “SOUL SOLDIER” with its contrast of thrashy guitar sound and clear melody line.

There was almost no MC, but instead Boki DJ’d and interspersed the live event with sessions, and before you knew it, the show was over.
The band played “DRIVE US CRAZY” and “!NVADE SHOW!” with a positive nuance, forcing the audience to burn out completely.

Then it was the turn of Roselia to take the lead.
They opened the stage with “Avant-garde HISTORY” featuring the straight voice of Aina Aiba (vo. Minato Yukina), the chorus and the ensemble with a tame effect, followed by “FIRE BIRD” with flames on the bright red stage.

After the MC talked about their enthusiasm for their first live with an audience since last summer, they started again with “PASSIONATE ANTHEM”.
In the middle part of the show, they performed a medley of “Song I am.”, “Ringing Bloom”, “Sunshine Road Night” and “Determination Symphony” after a comical MC time to entertain the audience with the gap between the songs and their appearance.

They continued with “Kiseki”, a ballad song sung with rich emotion by Aiba, “Blessing Chord”, a new song with symphonic and intense sound, “BLACK SHOUT”, which was the “best beginning song” for them, and “ZEAL of proud”, in which all the members had their own vocal parts.

For the encore, the members of RAS were joined by Aiba, and they performed the cover album “Bandori! Girls Band Party! Cover Collection Vol.5” which was about to be released.
The full members of the two bands got together to perform “EXPOSE ‘Burn out! and “Natsuiro Starmine” with the full members of the two bands together, and the whole venue applauded them.

The live performance of “Rausch und/and Craziness II” will be available for special streaming from 14:00 on March 13. For more details, please visit the special page.

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