At the international animation films festival “Tokyo Anime Award Festival 2021 (TAAF2021)”, eight people, including Studio Ghibli’s producer Suzuki Toshio and director of “Mobile Suit Gundam” Tomino Yoshiyuki, will be honored in the “Anime Achievement Category.”
Also, a PV of “TAAF2021”, produced by Yoda Nobutaka (10GAUGE), a video director who worked on trailers such as “Your Name” and narrated by voice actor Hazama Michio, the winner of the “Achievement Category”, was also released for the first time.

TAAF’s “Anime Achievement Category” is the category to recognize people’s accomplishments in significant contributions to the development of the anime industry and culture. It is aimed at people who have contributed to the improvement of the social status of the anime industry, such as educational activities and international exchange, as well as praising many years of achievements such as technology, expression, and human resource development at the production site.

Among the award winners for “TAAF2021” are producer Suzuki and director Tomino, author of the manga “Chibi Maruko-chan” Sakura Momoko, Koyama Takao, the scriptwriter of “Time Bokan Series” and “Dragon Ball Z”, Saida Shunji, animator of “Gauche the Cellist”, editor of “AKIRA” Seyama Takeshi, singer of “Attack No. 1” Izumi Kayo, narrator of “Anne of Green Gables” and voice actor of Shane Cop from “Galaxy Hero Legend”, Hasama Michio.
At the venue of “TAAF 2021”, an exhibition introducing eight honorees and a special program will be held.

Moreover, the PV video of “TAAF2021” was released for the first time. Continuing from last year, the PV video shows “Your name”, “Mr. Osomatsu,” “Weathering with You,” “Jose, the Tiger and the Fish,” and many other anime trailers produced by Yoda, a video director.

The international animation film festival “Tokyo Anime Award Festival 2021 (TAAF2021)” will be held in Ikebukuro, Tokyo for four days from March 12 to March 15, 2021.

[Narration, Hazama Michio]

TAAF is a very memorable event that I have been involved in since the predecessor “Tokyo International Anime Fair” era. I am very honored to receive the award in the Anime Achievement category and to be in charge of narration for the PV. I challenged myself while remembering those days when I was producing the voice actor stage at the Tokyo International Anime Fair.
The temporal narration (by director Yoda) that was included in the video sent to me was very good, so I did my best to not lose.
Taking advantage of the idea that came out of the chat with Yoda-san, I made a slightly improved version with ad-lib. I hope that you will watch and hear this PV in various places.

[PV Director Yoda Nobutaka]

It’s been a tough year, but TAAF is fine and going further! The merit department is too legendary! I heard that Hasama-san will do narration this year! I was quite nervous when I started recording, but Hasama-san is fun to work with, and it was really interesting recording sessions.
While listening to Hasama-san’s voice, I remembered many masterpieces and heroes, but at that point, it was a great time to release a messed up gag. I forgot that it was work, and put tension aside.