The voice actors who will play the star painters in “Oshiete Hokusai! -THE ANIMATION-“, which will be streamed on ABEMA from March 7, 2021, have been decided. In addition, the trailer and comments from the original writer and director, Iwakiri Naoto, have been released.

This work is a short animation consisting of 10 episodes of 10 minutes each. It is a story of a no-good high school girl who grows up clumsy and stumbling through the lessons of the star painters in the Japanese art world. Legendary painters such as Ogata Korin, Takahashi Yuichi, and Kano Eitoku appear one after another, giving tips on how to get better at painting and how to make her dreams come true. You can learn “Japanese art” and “philosophy of life” in a casual and fun way.

This time, the voice actors who will play the star painters of the Japanese art have been decided. Ogata Korin will be played by KENN, Takahashi Yuichi by Takahashi Hidenori, Kano Eitoku by Hirakawa Daisuke, Hakuin Ekaku by Suwabe Junichi, Utagawa Kuniyoshi by Hayashi Yu, Kishida Ryusei by Ono Daisuke, Uemura Shoen by Shiraishi Ryoko, and Kuroda Seiki by Murase Ayumu.
The trailer also shows the main voice actors, including Waki Azumi, and the newly announced guest voice actors all together.

The original writer and director, Iwakiri Naoto, commented, “What can be considered a dream collaboration of the star painters and the star voice actors has come true. The unique performances that can only be seen here are a must-see in every episode.”

“Oshiete Hokusai! -THE ANIMATION” will be streamed on ABEMA first from March 7, 2021, and then by other stations from March 8, 2021.

(C) Iwakiri Naoto / CWF