SHOCHIKU Co., Ltd. has announced the industry-first idol character project “Princess Letter(s)! From Idols” that enables “pen pal”. Morikura En, Mika Pikazo, and necomi are in charge of character design.

“Princess Letter(s)! From Idols” is a new idol character project, which is presented by SHOCHIKU, who once again focused on the letter culture that makes you feel the warmth of people’s hearts, which is hard to convey online only because direct communication between people can’t be done freely nowadays.
This is the industry-first attempt to write and send a letter to idol characters and receive a handwritten reply written by the character “for you only”, aiming for a greater connection between the work and the fans.

This project will also start with “pen pals”, and the story, which will unfold in the form of a novel written by the idols themselves, and voice contents such as songs will be announced in sequence in the spring of 2021. It is said that it will be widely developed as an idol project with the addition of gorgeous cast members who weave the words and thoughts of the idols themselves and the stories in the letters.

“Princess Letter(s)! From Idols” will start in earnest in the spring of 2021.
Prior to that, a free promotion will also be held from December 15, 2020.
For details, please visit the official website.
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