Voice actress Uchida Maaya has been chosen as the MC for the new TV program “Moviekyun”, which will start on February 17, 2021 on TBS. She will perform as MC together with actor Kaneko Daichi.

This is a program where Uchida and Kaneko, who are popular in different fields, delve into the appeal of the latest recommended movies. Besides introducing the “heart-throbbing” points of the latest movies, the program will deliver full of valuable footage such as exclusive original interviews that the program owns and undercover reports from the shooting sites.

In the studio, the two MCs, who are both fascinated by movies, will talk about the movies, drawing the viewers to encounter wonderful movies.

This is the first time for Uchida and Kaneko to team up. Before the recording, Kaneko looked very nervous and said, “I’m really nervous. I feel shaky.” So, she suggested that they should call each other by nicknames to ease his tension. Pay attention to the nickname of Kaneko, who kindly agreed to it, happily saying, “Sounds great.” We also received comments from both of them.

The new program “Moviekyun” will start on February 17, 2021 on TBS. The first episode will feature “Jukai-mura”, a horror movie about real-life haunted places currently in theaters, and introduce “Hinomaru Soul: The Heroes Behind the Scenes”, a movie starring Tanaka Kei to be released in May.

Uchida Maaya’s Comment
One of the things that makes my heart “throbbing” when I watch movies is the way the music comes in. I love the moment when the ending comes and the theme song is played softly, and my heart gets carried away. I could tell that Kaneko-san was very nervous before the recording started, and I wondered how I should talk to him. However, after the actual recording, I realized that it was going to be fun. I hope you’ll look forward to finding out what new aspect of Kaneko-san we can bring out in the future……!

Kaneko Daichi’s Comment
When I heard that I was going to be the MC, I was like, “What? Me?” I was practicing with the script before the recording, but something didn’t feel right, so I went through a lot of trial and error, and it was time to start recording…… After all, things don’t go well when you practice (dry laugh). I was really nervous about my first recording, but it was a lot of fun. I like talking very much ……, but my MCing today was not good at all, I should have been doing better……. But, I have no regrets. I wish I could have been more relaxed, but I did 100% of what I could do! I think I got a little used to it after the first recording, so I think I’ll be able to relax a little more in the future. I’ll do my best to introduce the charm of movies to the viewers of the program!