The voice actress Kakuma Ai, which is known for Rabirin from “Healin’ Good PreCure”, Hoshino Kirara “SUPER HXEROS”, and others, will appear as a guest on the radio program “Tokumei Shuzai Han Kobayashi Aika” featuring Kobayashi Aika, known for her role as Aqours’s Tsushima Yoshiko from “Love Live! Sunshine!!”.

“Tokumei Shuzai Han Kobayashi Aika” is a radio program that is streamed on where Aikyan (Kobayashi nickname), who got selected to be part of the editorial member of “Chou! Animedia”, conducts various interviews regarding the products, events as well as the currently popular guest from various genres with a camera on one hand.

The guest, Kakuma is a radio personality of the radio “Kakuma Ai, Onishi Saori no Kyan Chome Kyan Banchi”, which had welcomed its 300th broadcast recently, as well as Kobayashi’s senpai.
While asking about the “radio program highlights” and “the secret to continuing the radio program”, there will be a check on the rumors about “Kyan Chome Kyan Banchi”. A present campaign to win the signature of the two is also being held.

“Tokumei Shuzai Han Kobayashi Aika” is available at 6 PM, every Tuesday, on Kakuma will appear as the guest on the broadcast on December 15 and 22.