It was announced that a one-hour special “Sazae-san Valentine’s Day Special” of the TV anime “Sazae-san” will be broadcast on February 14, from 06:00 P.M.
In addition to plot of volume 4 to be broadacst, including the story of a young Norisuke’s matchmaking failure, “Norisuke’s youth-from boarding house to matchmaking-“, a gift plan for Nissan’s new compact car “Note e-POWER” will also be announced.

“Norisuke Youth: From Boarding House to Matchmaking” is an episode that delves into the time when Sazae’s cousin Norisuke was staying at the Isono family when he had just moved to Tokyo.
Norisuke with his wife, Taico, had returned to her parents’ home, so he came to visit the Isono family. So when he looks at the old album together, he sees a picture of Norisuke when he was young when he lived in the Isono family.

At that time, Norisuke had spent his days uselessly. So, he had to make a match with Namihei’s arrangement, but it ended in a big failure. What happened to the matchmaking? And how could he make up with Taico? Check out the unknown story of young Norisuke’s youth.

In addition to this, “Sazae-san Valentine’s Day Special” will also feature volume 3, “Teach me, Doctor Dolittle,” “Rose and Pen Pen Grass,” and “A well-prepared man,” which depicts the daily lives of the Sazae-san family.
Moreover, viewers who participated in the rock-paper-scissors fight, which is being broadcast on data, and won the “Gold Award” with 14 or more stamps during February, there also will be the chance to win one of Nissan’s new compact cars “Note e-POWER” by lottery. Please join in the fight to enter the giveaway.